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The community initiative project for the empowerment of the youth and the women of the south Senchi community is a project we are undertaking in other to aid the women and the youth of this community to be gainfully employed so as not to be dependent on the aged in the community.

The main work for the people of this community is mainly peasant farming and it is only the aged that is mostly involved in it in other to be able to cater for their younger ones. The population of this community is about two thousand plus (2000 +) with the youth who are matured taking about 75% of the whole population doing nothing.

The youth idling is not a sign of a successful community and that is why this initiative project was started in other to get the youth to be busy in other to be able to cater for themselves and also the aged as well.

Center for World Outreach (CFWO) has therefore designed this initiative which involves handicrafts such as beadsmaking ,hairdressing ,dressmaking, bakery, and batik/tie&die which will be yearly where each apprentice will be trained for one year. This will aid the women and youth have a better future. Because of lack of money or finances, most youth end their education in the Junior High and are not able to continue, the few percentage that are able to cross the basic education either drop out eventually in the senior high or do not even continue to the higher level of education after being able to go through the senior high.

This is therefore the plight of the youth and women in this community.


CFWO has taking steps and has recruited the youth and women of the community who have shown interest in taking part in this initiative. The organization has met the trainers who have volunteered to train these people according to the terms and conditions of the organization and since it is their community, they are willing to train the youth and women.

Our challenge is how to fund this program to an expected end so it can be successful, so that is why we have decided to reach out to you in other to be supported to aid these people have a meaningful life.

As part of the project,

1. Training fee for the trainers as a token

2. Certificate preparation

3. Graduation

are part of the project.

During the graduation, CFWO has decided that the sponsors of this project will be present at each graduation ceremony of each batch that will go out to present the certificates and any other thing necessary.


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Who should attend

Anyone volunteers who can donate and raise fund.

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