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The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion convenes an annual Statelessness Summer Course during the first week of August at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. The course looks at statelessness globally and draws participants from all regions of the world. The 2018 edition of the Summer Course will be held 30 July – 3 August 2018, and the curriculum is taught by lecturers from a variety of backgrounds, both professionally and geographically.

The Course considers statelessness and the enjoyment of nationality from various angles. As such beginning with a reflection on the history and concepts of nationality and statelessness, the Course goes on to deal with a wide array of legal and policy issues associated with statelessness today. The Course addresses the status of stateless persons, their human rights and right to international protection. In addition, the Course takes an in depth look at a number of specific questions relating to statelessness, such as children’s right to a nationality, the interaction between statelessness and forced migration, the place of statelessness in the Sustainable Development Goals, UNHCR’s statelessness mandate and #ibelong campaign, and the problem of arbitrary deprivation of nationality.

The Course incorporates many case studies and group work assignments through which the participants learn how to apply the theory covered and have the chance to share their own ideas and expertise with one another. As such, the participants will benefit from the knowledge and professional experience of both the lecturers and their fellow participants. The case studies and assignments will draw on examples of statelessness situations from all around the globe.


Exact details of how to get to the location of the Course will be made available to those applicants that get selected to participate in the Course.

Who should attend

The Statelessness Summer Course welcomes participants from all kinds of fields, from government, academics, UNHCR and other UN, to NGOs. The Course provides participants with new knowledge, tools and skills to address statelessness and realise the right to nationality, so is relevant to anyone who through their work deals with statelessness issues.

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You can apply for the 2018 Statelessness Summer School by filling in the online application form. Applications are welcome until the deadline of 15 March 2018. Within a few weeks after that deadline we will notify applicants whether they have been accepted for the course. For all information about the course and how to apply, please visit our website