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Simply by using your vehicle you can save animals -Volunteer your time to transport animals along what is called a "Rescue Relay Transport". Each week there are hundreds of animal rescue transports taking place where animals are moved from high-kill shelters to no-kill shelters and rescue organizations, as well as foster homes and adopters. It's easy for you to get involved and help save more animals simply by driving a leg in this relay.


How it works:

1. Sign-up on or use the Facebook plug-in (search for "Doobert Rescue" on Facebook) and specify the days you're available, the distance you're willing to drive, and then sit back and we'll do the rest.

2. When an animal rescue organization posts a transport request, the system will automatically search to see if it matches your profile (if you're available and within the distance) and then it automatically sends you an e-mail.

3. Then you simply click on the leg that you can cover and everyone else will see that you've signed up for that leg.

4. You'll get communications from the transport coordinator and, once the transport is a "go", you simply drive to the meeting place, load up the animals, and drive them to the next meeting place to hand them off to the next volunteer. You'll get plenty of doggy kisses and thank you's along the way as the animals know you are there to help them.

There are videos on that walk you through the process and give you tips and tricks on how to do transport. It's simple - and we need volunteers across the country, so share with your friends and help save an animal today!

Who should attend

If you love animals, have a vehicle and some free time, we need you!

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RSVP Details

So the way it works is that you create a profile on or if you prefer, you can do it via Facebook by searching for "Doobert Rescue" on Facebook and installing the Doobert Facebook app:

Just an FYI that you have to be 18 or of legal majority in your state, or else drop me an e-mail so we can get you a parent/guardian waiver. Once you create a profile, you simply check the days of the week you're available, put in your zip code and how far you're willing to drive, and the system does the rest. You'll automatically get notified of a new transport with an e-mail and you can see the date, time, legs, etc. so you can determine if you can help on that transport. When you click to join a leg, you'll be taken to the system where you can see all the info about the transport. We created a bunch of videos that you can see on that walk you through everything. You can see them at We also just created a new video for new animal rescue transporters so you know what to expect. You can see it on our YouTube channel:

Just so you are aware, is a one-person company (yes it's just Chris!) supported by awesome volunteers like me. If you have ANY questions, comments, suggestions, ideas we'd love to hear them. Drop us a line here or click the Contact Us tab on the system to send us a note. We'd certainly appreciate it if you shared what Doobert does with local rescues or shelters in your area to help raise awareness.

Please note that is new so all of the rescues and shelters are not using the system yet to plan their transports. In other words, don't worry if you don't get any requests in the near term. We're trying to get the volunteers signed up and get the word out to the rescues/shelters so they can start using it. You can help raise awareness by telling your local animal shelter about Doobert and by sharing our Facebook posts to raise more awareness of our existence. The more people we get using it, the better it is for all of us and the more animals we can save.

Please make sure to like us on Facebook: and share this with your friends and family to encourage them join as well!

Thanks again for volunteering!

Team Doobert