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$650 Per Month to enable you to stay comfortably at the Bamboo vilage home stay.To cover for your accommodation,program fee,food,adminstration cost and transport.




Planting trees are a wonderful way to commemorate special events, give a gift and support a child from Bongomek Minority group from Bungoma County access education. Trees provide a host of benefits whether they are planted in your own back yard or across the globe. Trees can, like sponges, help sequester carbon and thereby reduce the impact of man-made CO2,emissions. Locally, trees provide habitat for wildlife, food for people and animals, and stabilize the soil. A gift of a tree or Bamboo lasts for generations.

Working in conjunction with JATONET KENYA partners, provide the public with an opportunity to help with planting and maintenance of trees in Musikoma Hill and Siboti hill through an Adopt-a-Tree Certificate pilot Program:Planting trees to contribute towards the reforestation of land adjacent to the habitat at the same time empowering the communities around with alternative income generating programs. The Siboti area has permission from the Forestry Department to plant trees on 100 hectares of degraded land next to Mt Elgon National Park as well as on buffer areas near villages next to the park through the adopt a tree sponsor a child campaign program.You can help JATONET Kenya support the tree planting activities being carried out by the Bongomek Cultural Club,the Bungoma County and the JATONET team. You can choose how many trees or Bamboos to plant and the recipient of the tree-planting certificate and in return the recipient will take care while the donor will be awarde a certificate of adopting of the trees.

  • $30 can plant 2 Bamboo tree each month
  • $50 can help us manage sanitary and shopping for our girls
  • $100 can help a child from Bongomek Minority group get education
  • $ 650 will enable you to stay at the Bamboo Village home stay for 1 month which is to cover your accommodation,program fee,adminstration costs,transport and 3 meals a day.
  • $1050 will enable us to buy 6 stems of Bamboo and 1 clean cook stove for women to prevent them from indoor pollution

We believe life is better with trees.

Our neighbourhoods feel better places to live and work in when they're green.

Our farmland and countryside can produce high-quality food fresh air and support wildlife when trees play a part in the landscape.

We all breathe easier when there are beautiful woods in which to relax and unwind.

And yet the KENYA needs more trees. We are one of the least wooded counties in KENYA and trees,bamboos and woods continue to disappear from our landscapes. This is why we plant trees on our land and support people, organisations and partners to help make trees part of their land.

There are many excellent reasons to plant trees, so deciding which benefits matter most will help you choose the right species and planting plan. What would you like to achieve?

Discover more about the benefits

  • Climate change:-Climate change is a serious threat to forests, woods and trees.
  • Water management:-Woods, trees and hedgerows can play a key role in water management whether reducing flood ...
  • Agriculture:-With the balance between supply and demand shifting over the years due to increased consum...
  • Bioenergy:-Demand for energy continues to increase especially clean cooking stoves and bamboo briqauttes.
  • Health:-We believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy trees and woodland.
  • Conservation and wildlife:-Native woodland is largely made up of broadleaf trees, and is one of the richest habitats in Bungoma County.
  • Game management:-Many landowners generate income from their land by hosting sporting activities such as bird watching
  • Landscape protection:-Trees are important landmarks in our landscape, not only visually but also environmentally Eco-friendly.


Our HQ is located in Bungoma town, Muteremuko RD, opposite to Nabukelema Steel Works; 30 Km away from the Kenya-Uganda border. It is 450 Km northwest of Nairobi, capital city of Kenya. Many main activities are within the western region and Mt. Elgon ecological zone with its diverse fauna and flora, quite unique for adventure.

Who should attend

1. ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM VOLUNTEER: JATONET KENYA is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join our project teams: The Adopt a tree and sponsor a child Fundraising program for carbon Footprint Project. The Tree Project's mission is to improve the Bungoma county minority children from the Bongomek community using adopt a tree; restore natural systems and rural green infrastructure; and educate children and adults to become environmental stewards. The Campaign seeks to reduce carbon footprints to improve water quality and human and environmental health. Volunteer Responsibilities: Technical and program work in all phases of the projects. Independent research and analysis on environmental issues Project design, project implementation, stakeholder meetings, community workshops, and educational programs. JATONET KENYA ongoing outreach Programs. Write grant proposals to support project work. Development of marketing and public relations materials. Design and implement education programs including lesson plans for a variety of age groups. 2. DEVELOPMENT / FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEER: Assist JATONET KENYA with grant writing and fundraising efforts. Research funding opportunities to support JATONET Kenya's activities. Volunteers coordinate, write, edit and submit letters of inquiry and grant proposals. Grant writing, fundraising, and marketing experience is an added advantage. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING VOLUNTEER: Create and execute a social media strategy that builds JATONET's online presence and increases support. Maintain the JATONET's Facebook page and establish JATONET KENYA on other social media sites. A strong understanding of social media and marketing. QUALIFICATIONS: Successful candidates will be self-motivated graduate students,college graduates,Foundations,charities,organizations,universities,NGO'S,among other interested stake holders and partners. The work we do is voluntary based. Successful volunteers have been self-motivated, had a high attention to detail, and excellent written and oral English communication skills. JATONET KENYA'S volunteers must be able to tackle challenging problems with minimal supervision and guidance. Volunteers are able to self-guide their involvement creating the opportunity for them to meet their own goals with team member input and support!!! This is a part-time unpaid volunteer position with a flexible schedule.

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