Field Course in Cetacean Ecology


05/18/2018 12:00AM


05/24/2018 12:00PM

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The Dolphin Communication Project (DCP) is a research and education organization. The DCP Director, Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski, is a world-renowned dolphin communication and behavior specialist. As part of this program you will develop field research techniques including boat-based surveys, photo identification, and focal behavioral sampling. You will also learn about ecotourism and the human impact on the environment. The data collected in this course will become part of a longitudinal study on the wild populations of Atlantic spotted and the bottlenose dolphins. You will have the added bonus of having a research manager from DCP with you in the field.

The first and last weeks of the course will take place online through the Sacred Heart University blackboard system, followed by 6 days on-site in Bimini. This cross-listed course will cover such topics as: behavioral and social ecology of cetaceans, dolphin species/interspecies interactions, research methods and observational studies (behavioral ethograms, photo-id, video-acoustic recordings), and ecotourism with regards to conservation, human/dolphin interactions, and dolphin cognition.

3-credit hours are included (& required).

Who should attend

Currently enrolled or recently graduated university students with a background in biology and interest in dolphin behavior and research, including more general animal behavior and psychology interests.

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Interested students should apply at Acceptance is rolling, so apply now. You are required to submit a non-refundable $250 confirmation fee payable to “Sacred Heart University” two weeks after you approval to study abroad on a SHU Office of Global Affairs program. This confirmation fee secures your enrollment in SHU study abroad.

The Sacred Heart University Student Accounts office will bill you for the following amounts:

  • Tuition fee for 3 credits (Subject to change) - $1800
  • Program fee - $2150
  • Registration fee - $115