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The New York City school system is the largest in the country, consisting of approximately 1.1 million students, and 75,000+ teachers in over 1,800 schools. The Office of Assessment (OA), within the Division of Teaching and Learning (DT&L), has multiple teams that specialize in supporting various assessment programs.

The Executive Director, Office of Assessment in the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) provides key leadership in ensuring high-quality assessment programs and providing access to opportunities to help students achieve their highest potential. The Executive Director will be responsible for managing all aspects of all New York City and State Assessment programs, serving all 1,800+ New York City public schools. In this role, the Executive Director will oversee the Special Assistant, the State Assessment Team, City Assessment Team, Design and Evaluation Team, and the Assessment Operations Team. These teams will:

o provide high-quality New York City assessments to help educators gauge student achievement and identify student learning needs; and

o ensure effective administration and scoring of City, State, and National assessments.

The Executive Director will serve as a policy advisor to the Senior Executive Director, Office of Policy and Evaluation, with authority to make and implement policy decisions related to assessment programs, including the highly visible high-stakes New York State assessments, e.g., English Language Arts and Mathematics assessments that are used nationally, state- and citywide to assess student performance and school performance. Performs related work.

Reports to: Senior Executive Director, Office of Policy and Evaluation (OPE)

Direct Reports: Office of Assessment Special Assistant, Director of the State Assessment Team, Director of the City Assessment Team, Director of the Design and Evaluation Team, and the Director of the Assessment Operations Team.

Key Relationships: Works with the Strategic Planning Team, Office of Instruction, Curriculum, and Professional Learning (CIPL), the Division of Instructional and Information Technology (DIIT), Office of Data Management (DM), Division of Contracts and Purchasing (DCP), Office of Student Enrollment (OSE), Office of Academic Policy and Systems (OAPS), Office of Talent Research and Data, Research Policy Support Group (RPSG), Office of School Performance, Operations team, Division of English Language Learners and Student Support, Division of Specialized Instruction and Student Support, Office of School Design and Charter Partnerships, representatives from D75 and D79,Press Office, Legal Office, the New York’s State Education Department (SED), and assessment vendors.



• Manage complex and diversified responsibilities for teams with approximately 40 full time employees, including a Special Assistant, the State Assessment Team, City Assessment Team, Design and Evaluation team, and the Assessment Operations Team to plan, design, develop, and administer all assessment programs, 20+ complex and varied programs serving 1.1 million students across 1,800+ New York City public schools.


• Manage the Directors of the State Assessment and the Assessment Design and Evaluation teams in areas related to policy and decision-making as well as managing all aspects of the transition to computer-based testing that will ultimately serve all New York City public schools.

State and City Assessment Program Oversight

• Manage the Directors of State and City Assessment to direct policy-making decisions as well as the management of all aspects of the City and State assessment programs, including planning, designing, developing, scoring, administration, and data capture for approximately 20 citywide assessments to serve all New York City public schools.

Assessment Strategy

• Oversee the Director of Design and Evaluation to manage cross-functional, strategic decisions across approximately 20 City and State assessment programs.

Assessment Operations

• Oversee the Director of Assessment Operations to direct the implementation of the NYC’s assessment programs, including scheduling, delivery, monitoring, scoring, and supporting the reporting of the approximately 20 City and State assessments.

• Work with Director to oversee Scan Center staff of approximately 20 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) comprised of Assessment Implementation Directors, logistics staff, printing staff, pre-scanning, scanning, and tier one data staff, scanner operators, and warehouse staff.



• 10+ years of leadership experience in the NYCDOE.

• Strong grasp of operational needs; cross-functional knowledge of public administration and operational aspects of the organization.

• Executive-level experience in managing a multifaceted and complex service delivery organization.

• Ability to make critical decisions that have a significant financial impact.

• Ability to motivate, lead, guide, and direct people.

• Ability to build and develop a high-functioning team that operates with a positive, productive, and inclusive culture.

• Committed to and fosters continuous staff improvement, emphasizing both system-wide and individual development.

• Strong strategic thinking and project management skills, attention to detail, and the ability to proactively identify key issues and risks.

• Strong customer service and problem-solving approach.

• Experience administering a large-scale program while managing change in a matrix management environment.

• Strong analytical skills and strategic planning experience; broad conceptual understanding of relationships between data, instructional, and organizational content.

• A master's degree from an accredited college in business or public administration.

• Strong interpersonal and communication skills; ability to problem-solve with others.

• Ability to build strong working relationships with constituents and represent, DT&L internally and the DOE externally.

• A broad knowledge base of the issues in K-12 education and the education marketplace, including student assessment; experience working in the K-12 education field.


Extremely comprehensive benefits package.

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4-year degree

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