Registered Nurse (RN) Needed to Teach in a High School CTE Program

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Full Time


Details: Per the current United Federation of Teachers Contract Plus Per Session for Extra Hours



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Cambria Heights
Cambria Heights
United States


The Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights is a small Progressive Career and Technical High School located in a residential neighborhood near the Queens border with Nassau County. As part of our Career and Technical Education Program, we offer our students the chance to become a state certified EMTs within their four years of high school. We are working on creating a state approved CNA program as well. To offer the CNA program, we need an RN with at least an Associate's Degree and two years of experience to teach our students. The New York City Department of Education will award up to eight years of teacher salary credit for full time experience in Nursing.

The school is a new member of the New York Performance Standards Consortium, which means we have been granted the right to use Performance-Based Assessment Tasks instead of Regents exams to meet state graduation requirements. As such, we emphasize the use of real world projects, higher order thinking skills, and substantive discussion as part of our academic program. We are partnered with the Institute for Student Achievement, North Shore-LIJ Health System, and Hofstra University.

The school values teachers who desire to:

  • Actively collaborate with with multiple teams (Grade-level, Humanities, STEM, SWDs, ELLs) to plan and implement inquiry-based interdisciplinary curricula.
  • Implement written, oral, and visual Performance-Based Assessments and a project-based curricula.
  • Serve as an adviser to foster the development of a just community by advocating for students, communicating with parents, and participating on our Fairness Committee.
  • Develop and participate in after school and/or Saturday tutoring, enrichment, sports, arts, and family programs.
  • Participate in professional development such as inquiry work, intervisitations, and teacher common planning.

The candidate selected for this position will work as a full time teacher for the New York City Department of Education. There is an experienced nurse educator on staff who will support the person who joins the school community.


Comprehensive NYC Employee Benefits (Health Insurance, Optical, Dental, Pension)

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None specified

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

Contact Principal Gareth Robinson at