Universal Prekindergarten Evaluator 2018-2019

Job Type

Full Time




New York
United Kingdom


The New York City Division of Early Childhood Education is seeking Universal Prekindergarten Proposal Evaluators! Evaluators will serve an integral role in expanding Pre-K for All throughout New York City by evaluating UPK proposals, leading interviews, and conducting programmatic visits as part of a small team.

Note: This project involves a variable work schedule. The project will run from September 2018 – June 2019. Exact amount of required weekly hours will vary between 0 hours - 35 hours, depending on need. All project work will be scheduled between the hours of 8AM - 5PM. A mandatory training will be held prior to project commencement.

Location: Travel across NYC-area is required. Trainings are conducted at a location to be determined. Locations are at Pre-K Borough Office and/or visits to prospective pre-K program sites across the city. Location preferences will be taken into account when possible, but flexibility and ability to work across the city is expected. Transportation and out-of-pocket expenses will not be reimbursed.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·        Read and score written proposals.

·        Conduct and score programmatic visits.

·        Conference with team members to determine final score and potential award recommendation.

·        Complete appropriate documentation and maintain written and electronic records.

·        Submit scores and documentation through online survey system.

·        Meet all deadlines.

Selection Criteria:

Experience and Skills

·        Minimum of two (2) years of teaching experience and background in and knowledge of Early Childhood education (pre-K through grade 2).

·        Ability to evaluate written proposals based on scoring rubric.

·        Ability to work with team members to discuss and work through scoring discrepancies, collaboratively evaluating program proposals in order to reach consensus on final evaluation scores.

·        Ability to conduct interview and programmatic visits with team members throughout assigned borough(s), to be determined.

·        Ability to work in a fast‐paced, intense environment both individually and in teams and to meet deadlines.

·        Basic computer and technology skills, including competency with email, internet, and phone communication

·        Willingness to learn new computer-based programs through guided training.

·        Ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken English.

Availability and Flexibility 

·        Ability to travel throughout NYC-area. Work assignments and locations to be determined.

·        Flexibility regarding assigned borough(s) and evaluation scheduling is essential.

·        Flexibility regarding variable work load, which will range between 0 hours – 35 hours a week. Exact schedule to be determined.

·        Availability to attend mandatory training held prior to project commencement. Time and location to be determined. 

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

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