Director, San Luis Valley Small Business Development Center

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Full Time


Minimum: $37,500.00
Maximum: $42,500.00
Details: Two weeks paid vacation/year



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610 State Ave.
United States


TITLE: Director – San Luis Valley Small Business Development Center

                       Alamosa County Economic Development Corporation


TODAY'S DATE:  April 2, 2018

POSTING DATES: Applications will be accepted until May 1, 2018 or until filled

STATUS: Exempt

LEVEL: Director, San Luis Valley Small Business Development Center

SALARY RANGE: $37,500 - $42,500

HOURS WORKED: 8A-5P, M-F; some early morning, evenings or weekends will be required.

REPORTS TO: Executive Director, ACEDC and State SBDC Director, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade



Under the direction of the Executive Director of the Alamosa County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC), the SBDC State Director provides leadership and oversight for the development, implementation, operations of the San Luis Valley Small Business Development Center (SBDC); develop partnerships, plan and develop SBDC programs; develop sound policies and guidelines for the program and ensures that the office complies with all SBDC regulations, requirements, accreditation and audit standards; fundraise to maintain, grow, and develop quality SBDC programs and services; recruits, trains, and directs consultants and volunteers as appropriate to deliver services and support to the program objectives; strategic planning; and ACEDC objectives.


Vision and Strategy

·        Responsible for the creation and updating of the detailed San Luis Valley SBDC Strategic Plan and Balanced Scorecard.

·        Responsible for overall planning, direction and results of the San Luis Valley SBDC, ensuring that the plans are tied to the execution and implementation of the SBDC program, ACEDC objectives and the Colorado SBDC Network and the State of Colorado goals and objectives.

·        Responsible for aligning the SBDC policies and procedures with the SBA regulations, the ASBDC Certification criteria, the Colorado SBDC Network Lead Center and the State of Colorado.

·        Be the Champion of the SBDC brand in cooperation with the Valley EDCs and the San Luis Valley Chambers of Commerce, the Colorado SBDC Network Lead Center and the State of Colorado.

·        Ensure programs and services are aligned with local small business needs.

Partnerships and Fundraising

·        Develop and maintain close working relationships with community stakeholder, sponsors and partners in order to achieve the goals of the SBDC and Valley EDCs.

·        Develop and maintain close working relationships with local small business and professional organizations, universities, incubators, resource partners and other organizations serving small businesses.

·        Maintain active presence/visibility with funding partners including the SBA, the State, local governmental entities, universities and private sector supporters.

·        Fundraise with stakeholders to ensure the center is sufficiently funded to serve the community and grow the center resources.



·        Assess staffing resources and plan the changes necessary to carry out the SBDC Mission.

·        Work with State SBDC Director to assure SBDC compliance with applicable regulations and responsible for negotiating and implementing annual performance goals.

·        Develop and manage the SBDC annual budget.

·        Quarterly reporting of financials and client notes/impact.

·        Supervise staff, contractors, and volunteers.

·        Data entry of all activities into the CRM system for tracking and trending purposes.


Program Management

·        Effectively manage and implement regional and statewide special focus programs.

·        Work with other Center Directors to implement new programs at select centers statewide.

·        Maintain relationships and communications with key partners.

·        Recruit, train, and direct a network of local business consultants that meet the local needs of the businesses in the community.

·        Determine the needs of the local small business community and develop programs and services to meet those needs.

·        Coordinate the delivery of business training programs which reflect small business and the Chamber’s membership needs.

·        Provide leadership in the development and review of curricula and programs in all areas of the ACEDC.

Resource Development

·        Identify and cultivate relationships with key strategic partners and sponsors.

·        Develop, procure and maintain close working relationships with private and public sponsors.

·        Ensure the effective and efficient use of resources.

·        Work to procure cash match funds to sustain grant funding.




Knowledge of practical and theoretical business operation, with emphasis on small

business; principles and practices related to the development of small businesses,

including business and marketing plan development; market research and analysis techniques; basic marketing and business advertising techniques; and budgetary principles and practices. Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing;

provide accurate business advisement with measurable results benefiting the Center clientele; train, supervise and evaluate staff; exhibit leadership in management and

planning; effectively plan, organize and evaluate programs; develop and effectively manage a budget; fundraising; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with business and industry representatives in diverse fields and from a variety of ethnic and economic backgrounds; perform effectively to meet deadlines and other administrative demands.



Minimum Bachelor’s Degree with successful experience in professional consultation in business development or small business ownership experience. Strong communication skills, written/oral. Interpersonal and organizational skills. 



Demonstrated experience managing or working for small business support programs, initiatives and/or organizations. Prior work with a Small Business Development Center is desired. Business ownership and/or management of a business for at least one year.



Ability to write and speak articulately; good planning and follow through; financial and cash flow analysis skills; innovative/creative; self-motivated; ability to coordinate several simultaneous projects; quick learner; flexibility, customer focus, functional and technical skills, drive for results, composed, informative, manages and measures work and ability to direct and motivate others. Also, an ability to function within a team and be sensitive to the needs of culturally diverse individuals. Strategic planning skills are a plus.


SBDC full-time & part-time staff, contractors and volunteers.


No benefits are available with this position

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Send Resumes and Cover Letters to: