Deputy Director, Policy Implementation - Office of Academic Policy and Systems

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Position Summary

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) school system is the largest in the country, composed of approximately 1.1 million students and 90,000+ teachers in over 1,800 schools.

The Office of Academic Policy and Systems (OAPS) is responsible for supporting New York City schools in implementing grading, programming, promotion, and graduation processes that support educational equity. OAPS creates structures, resources, and tools to support schools in reflecting on their practices in these areas, using policy, data, and systems as levers for change. OAPS is part of the Office of Policy and Evaluation (OPE) within the Division of Teaching and Learning (DT&L). OPE is the primary source of data analysis, research, and academic policy for the DOE.

In order to ensure the consistent and equitable implementation of academic policies at schools across the city, and in order to ensure all students have access to an excellent education, the Deputy Director, Policy Implementation will support the Office of Academic Policy and Systems to provide policy implementation support, oversight, and training to field staff, school administrators and counselors, and DOE leadership. Performs related work.


• Design and execute strategies that improve schools’ adherence to key academic policies related to graduation, grades, and academic programming.

• Manage corrective action plans for schools with policy implementation issues that affect student learning; provide case management-style support to FSCs as they work with a portfolio of schools.

• Support the Director of Academic Policy in ensuring issues with policy implementation are corrected in a timely fashion.

• Maintain significant subject-matter expertise on State and City educational policies, especially those related to graduation, credit requirements, programming, and the DOE’s academic data systems, i.e., STARS and ATS.

• Develop resources and tools (e.g., templates, workbooks, toolkits) that allow central and field staff to assess and improve the effectiveness of policy implementation in schools.

• Develop relationships with Field Support Center staff, including superintendents, to ensure cohesive messaging.

• Communicate with FSCs, superintendents, and the field; this may involve sensitive and high-stakes information.

• Analyze qualitative and quantitative student-, school-, and district-level data to inform education policy strategies.

• Prepare reports for leadership using data from DOE source systems, i.e., STARS and ATS.

• Advise director on strategies to improve our systems, policies, and support for schools; propose solutions to persistent policy implementation challenges.

• Supervise other team members and delegate work effectively to support the Office of Academic Policy and Systems.



• Deep interest in public education and its role in advancing equity; experience or enrollment in a large urban school district.

• Experience working with diverse peers and populations.

• Understanding of racial equity and willingness to engage in conversations about race.

• Ability to interact with and obtain feedback from school-based staff, field staff, and other constituents.

• Experience collaborating with various stakeholders to gain new perspectives.

• Ability to build relationships and navigate disagreement.

• High standards for personal excellence, including receptiveness to feedback.

• Knowledge of public policy and organizational change.

• Experience within NYCDOE, preferably using STARS or reviewing student transcripts and other academic data or as a student in the NYCDOE.

• Exceptional project-management abilities; proven ability to prioritize both long- and short-term projects and initiatives.

• Experience communicating analyses and complex data to school-based staff.

• Ability to use Excel and/or STATA and SQL to perform analyses; strong skills interpreting data.

• Extremely well-organized; able to work under pressure, and meet frequent and sometimes changing deadlines.

• Excellent written and oral communication, including public speaking.

• Strong attention to detail.


Excellent and comprehensive benefits package

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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