Front Office Assistant

Job Type

Part Time


Details: $13.25 per hour




United States


Requirements for Applying:

High School Diploma and CA Drivers License

DESCRIPTION OF OUR SCHOOL: College Bridge Academy (CBA) is a WASC-accredited charter high school with multiple campuses within the urban core of Greater Los Angeles. We target students who have dropped out or who have not been experiencing success in their larger, traditional, neighborhood high schools. We provide small learning communities of approximately 100-130 students per campus and 15-20 students per class. Each of our campuses partners with a community based nonprofit organization, such as a conservation corps, YouthBuild, or WIAO-funded program, and our students are dually enrolled as participants in these programs. This allows them to not only receive educational services from our charter school, but to also receive job training, counseling, and/or other supportive wrap-around services from our nonprofit partners, which helps meet our students’ holistic needs and gets them back on the right track. Due to the special nature of these partnerships, the California Department of Education also allows us to offer high school diploma services for students who have aged out of their traditional high schools (even up to age 23). So we have a mixture of campuses (some that serve minors and some that serve young adults).

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

High School