Kids Save Ocean

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About Us

The Kids Save Ocean Project started with kids building a sculpture, led to a UN Summit, mobile app and exhibitions, and, with your help, will blossom into an organization that will give children across the globe a powerful voice to protect the oceans. Please see for more information.

The Summit

Children are devastated by the pollution in our oceans. On June 22nd of 2018 at the UN in Vienna, in the inclusive spirit of the UN charter, children will finally have a voice about our global environment at the world’s first Children’s Clean Ocean Summit, titled The Last Whale.

The Mobile App

We’re also developing a mobile app with volunteer engineers called Fatechanger, which will give children everywhere a lobbying voice about ocean pollution. Please see for more details.

But we need a little adult help

These kids are very serious. And very worried about the future. Please empower them. Together we can do more to protect our planet’s oceans. We must. If we don’t revolutionize our thinking, someday there may very well be a last whale.