Open Markets Institute

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District of Columbia
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About Us

We are a team of journalists, researchers, lawyers, and advocates working together to expose and reverse the stranglehold that corporate monopolies have on our country.

Our Mission

The mission of Open Markets is to empower Americans to reclaim all the freedoms fundamental to a happy life as independent and fully engaged citizens.

This includes the freedom to earn a fair wage for hard work and the freedom to start a business and build it up. It includes the freedom to seel the products of our farms, our hands, and our minds on open markets at fair prices. It includes the freedom to talk freely and share trustworthy news with one another. It includes the freedom to provide good food and good health care and good education to our children. It includes the freedom to build communities and families in our own ways.

Individual members of the Open Markets team will also continue to do our vanguard work detailing how consolidation affects specific sectors of the U.S. economy. This will include food and farming systems, especially through our Food and Power newsletter. It includes detailed looks at how monopoly affects American workers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. It includes detailed dives into the effects of monopolization in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, transportation, retail, energy, heavy industry, and banking and finance. It includes close research into how trade laws promote dangerous monopolization, both abroad and here at home.