P.S/ I.S 366 Washington Heights Academy

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202 Sherman Ave
New York NY 10034
202 Sherman Avenue

United States

About Us

 P.S./I.S 366 Washington Heights Academy is a parent-initiated, community-based Title I public school that serves neighborhood children from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The Academy currently includes Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 7 and will expand in September 2016 to include Grade 8.

The mission of Washington Heights Academy is to prepare its students to respond to life’s challenges and opportunities with confidence and intelligence. Our aim is to provide children with learning experiences that will foster high self-esteem, academic success and responsible community involvement. Through high expectations and a rich academic curriculum, we strive to raise critical thinkers and self-directed learners, and to support in students a love of learning—now and throughout their lives.

Our core beliefs are:

Relationship is at the heart of teaching and learning:
An effective learning environment places meaningful relationships—among teachers, students, families and other community members—at its center. 

Family involvement is key to children’s academic success: Families play an essential role in their children’s education and should be invited to participate meaningfully in their children’s school lives.

Children learn by doing: 
Children learn by handling materials, exploring their environments, planning projects and conducting experiments. Effective teaching encourages learning through discovery. 

Education is multi-dimensional: 
A well-rounded education should include not only mastery of information and skills, but opportunities for self-expression, artistic creation, personal reflection, critical thinking and the development of social, emotional and ethical competencies.