Office of Capital and Forensic Writs

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About Us

The OCFW, then known as the Office of Capital Writs, opened its doors in 2010, representing death-sentenced persons in state post-conviction proceedings.  In 2015, the scope of the Office’s mission expanded to include the representation of a select number of capital and non-capital inmates raising challenges through forensic writs, and its name changed to reflect the expanded mandate.


This is an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in Texas. The OCFW represents a substantial majority of persons sentenced to death in Texas in state habeas and related proceedings. Texas has a unitary post-conviction system; as such, OCFW begins providing direct, post-conviction representation shortly after a client is sentenced to death, and continues to represent clients throughout state court.   We are committed to client-centered and excellent post-conviction representation, in accordance with the ABA Guidelines, Guidelines and Standards for Texas Capital Counsel (2006) and the Supplementary Guidelines and Standards for the Mitigation Function of Defense Teams in Texas Death Penalty Cases (2015).