Graduate Programs

Marist College
Poughkeepsie, NY


Details at a Glance

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Degrees Offered

School of Management (MBA, MPA, MS Professional Accountancy)
School of Communication and the Arts (MA In Integrated Marketing, MA in Museum Studies)
School of Computer Science (MS in Information Systems, MS in Software Development, Advanced Cert. Business Analytics, Advanced Cert. Information Systems)
School of Social & Behavioral Science (MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA School Psychology, MA Educational Psychology)
School of Science (MS Physician Assistant Studies, Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Our Program

Marist, bridging the traditions of the past with the tools of the future!

Marist College is a private liberal arts college, located in Poughkeepsie NY.

We have currently enrolled just over 1000 graduate students, across 11 graduate programs, 1 doctoral program and 2 advanced certificates covering a wide range of topics from business and accounting, to counseling, education, computer science, communication, health care, and museum studies.

While some programs are fully onground, many programs offer online or hybrid options.

Our mission is to “help students develop the intellect, character, and skills required for enlightened, ethical, and productive lives in the global community of the 21st century.”

Graduate Programs:

School of Management:

Master of Business Administration (100% online)

Master of Public Administration (100% online, or Hybrid)

MA Professional Accountancy (mostly onground, with some online elements)

School of Social and Behavioral Science:

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (fully onground)

MA in School Psychology (fully onground)

MA in Educational Psychology (Hybrid, or fully onground)

School of Computer Science:

MS in Information Systems (100% online, or onground)

MS in Software Development (fully onground)

Advanced Certificate in Information systems (100% online, or onground)

Advanced Certificate in Business Analytics (100% online, or onground)

School of Communications and the Arts:

MA in Integrated Marketing and Communication (100% online)

MA in Museum Studies (offered onground in Florence, Italy)

School of Science:

MS in Physician Assistant Studies (fully onground)

Doctor of Physical Therapy (fully onground)


Additional Requirements

Admission requirements and application fees vary across programs. Please visit the individual program pages for their requirements

Application Deadline

Marist has rolling admissions and admission deadlines vary across programs.

What Our Students Say

  • Marist College is one of the only institutions of higher learning that recognizes the value that first responders bring to our community, and I wanted to be a part of that community. I also chose to pursue my degree at Marist due to their commitment to educational excellence and diversity.

    Douglas Cyr, MPA ‘17
  • Since starting the Marist MBA program I received a promotion and now have the confidence needed to continue moving up in my career. I have already been able to apply so much of what I learned to my current role and feel I have gained leadership and managerial skills that I had previously lacked. Having a graduate degree from Marist has left me feeling excited about the endless opportunities ahead! 

    Nicole Byrne, MBA ‘14
  • The best experience I had as a student was participating in a research study with my classmates and program director Peter del Rosario and then presenting this research to my future peers at the NYMHCA convention in Albany. This experience further demonstrated the Marist faculty's dedication to the field and the MHC program specifically. 

    Joe Cook, MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling ‘15