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Annapolis, MD - Santa Fe, NM
Annapolis, MD


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Degrees Offered

Master of Arts in Liberal Arts
Master of Arts in Eastern Classics
Liberal Arts Education Certificate
Combined MA/JD degree

Our Program

At St. John’s, great books—and great discussions—are the heart of the college’s distinctive liberal arts program.

St. John’s is “the Most Contrarian College in America.” Its distinctive liberal arts curriculum and educational practices have long given it a highly respected place among American colleges and universities. The Graduate Institute attracts students of varied ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Some students enroll shortly after graduating from college, often seeking a foundation in classic texts that they missed in more conventional undergraduate programs. Other students are actively engaged in careers; some already hold graduate degrees. Still other students turn to the Graduate Institute in retirement or in a hiatus from their careers, seizing the opportunity to use their leisure for serious reflection. Although the Graduate Institute offers considerable professional gain to our students, most are simply motivated by the intrinsic rewards of reading great books and discussing them with others who care deeply about the issues they raise.

St. John’s College is located on two spectacular campuses: one in Annapolis, Maryland, and another in Santa Fe, New Mexico. On both campuses, students immerse themselves in a vibrant graduate community and local culture. In Annapolis, students explore cobblestone streets lined with restaurants and shops along the Chesapeake Bay. The campus is located just thirty minutes from Washington, DC. In Santa Fe, students indulge in the arts, opera, and great outdoors that make New Mexico world famous. On-campus housing is available for students year round in Santa Fe and during the summer semester in Annapolis.


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Additional Requirements

St. john's welcomes applications from qualified individuals with a bachelor's degree; no particular field or major is required. There is no GRE requirement. The Graduate Institute aims to be open and accessible to all backgrounds . Our class schedule is optimal for the full-time student or full-time professional.

What Our Students Say

  • I don't think I would have finished the book if it weren't for St. John's. It is bar-none the best place that I have been to for formal education, for the the training in reading and writing and conversation.

    --Simba Sana, author of Never Stop.

    Simba Sana, author, Master of Arts in the Liberal Arts ‘13
  • Learning should be not just about the present; it should be about helping you navigate the future and understanding your past. After working 30-plus years, I felt compelled to ask myself: What was I doing all that time? What was the significance of a long career in law and business? I found St. John’s gave me a vehicle, or a tool, to help understand the meaning in my life’s work.

    Ken Resnick, lawyer, Master of Arts in the Liberal Arts ‘19
  • St. John’s education helped [me] stand out from other environmental writers—[I] could see things through a different lens, connecting science with the humanities and arts.

    Jeremy Hance, enviromental journalist, Master of Arts in Liberal Arts ‘09

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