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Pepperdine University
Los Angeles, CA


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Our Program

We value academic excellence, innovative leadership and work that serves the greater good.

From the University's beginning, the discipline of education has played a prominent role in the academic program of the institution. With the growing emphasis on improving educational techniques in the public and private school systems statewide, Pepperdine University met increasing demands for leadership and transformed the existing Department of Education into a professional School of Education. The school was formally established on January 1, 1971.

In 1951, a master's degree in psychology was offered for the first time, becoming the genesis of what eventually evolved into the Division of Psychology in the School of Professional Studies. In January 1981, after the decision to phase out the School of Professional Studies was made, the Division of Psychology became part of the Graduate School of Education. In March 1982, the Graduate School of Education officially changed its name to the Graduate School of Education and Psychology.


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