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Carnegie Mellon University's Master of Science in Public Policy and Management logo

Carnegie Mellon University's Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy
Pittsburgh, PA


Details at a Glance

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Degrees Offered

Master of Science in Public Policy & Management (MSPPM)
MSPPM: Data Analytics
MSPPM: Washington, D.C.
MSPPM: Global
MSPPM Dual Degree

Our Program

As the #1 school for Analytics Education, we blend policy expertise with advanced data analytics and technology to solve complex societal problems.

To tackle society’s most pressing issues, a firm understanding of policy is essential, but so are the technological and analytical foundations to create the right solutions—and the management prowess to deploy those solutions for maximum impact.

Heinz College is a public policy school like no other. Our Master of Science in Public Policy & Management (MSPPM) program builds well-rounded thinkers prepared to solve problems at the nexus of technology and society. You will emerge a leader with the ability to convert data into evidence-based action for a better world.

Some of the world’s greatest challenges, that our faculty, students, and alumni are working to solve:

·        Blocking the financing of terrorism and human trafficking

·        Predicting societal impacts of legal cannabis

·        Combating the opioid crisis through smart counter measures

·        Reducing homicide rates using machine learning

·        Eradicating food waste and hunger with mobile technology

·        Making algorithms more transparent and fair

These are just a few examples. MSPPM graduates work across the public sector (including government at all levels, military, and national security), with non-profits of all sizes, with international agencies and NGOs, and with private consulting firms.

In addition to MSPPM, Heinz College offers master’s degrees in Health Care Policy & Management, Health Care Analytics & Information Technology, Information Systems Management, Information Security Policy & Management, Arts Management, and Entertainment Industry Management, as well as part-time and online programs.


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    Certified Academic Transcripts
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    Personal Statement
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    2 Letters of Recommendation
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    GRE or GMAT (optional)
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    TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo (for non-native English speakers)

Additional Requirements

The MSPPM program is available in five distinct pathways—our flagship two-year and three-semester programs in Pittsburgh, our award-winning Public Policy & Data Analytics program, our Washington D.C. option for those seeking an immersion in policy analysis in our nation’s capital, and our exciting Global track which begins in Adelaide, Australia. The MSPPM program also features 11 defined concentrations including Environmental Policy, Cybersecurity, Public and Nonprofit Finance, and Smart Communities.

MSPPM students share a passion for collaboration, strong critical thinking, and intellectual curiosity. However, individual social, national, and educational backgrounds are quite varied. Quantitative abilities vary upon entry, but all MSPPM graduates emerge from the program with confidence in their ability to use data in problem solving.

Some MSPPM pathways have different application requirements. Please review each program’s requirements before beginning your online application. Please visit our website ( for more information.

Application Deadline

January 10

Student Body

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    1,200 Students
  • Female

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    51% Female
  • Male

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    49% Male


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    Dedicated Diversity Office
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Clubs & Associations

We invite Heinz College students to be the architect of their own grad school experience. There are plenty of ways for you to get involved in campus life outside of the classroom, from joining one of CMU's more than 350 student organizations, to using your student ID to take in a discounted theater performance featuring Carnegie Mellon’s rising Broadway stars.

The following is a list of graduate student organizations or publications you can join. For a complete, searchable list of student organizations on the Carnegie Mellon campus, click here.

Black Graduate Student Organization, (BGSO)

CISO Leadership Association

Education Policy Club  

Health Care Club

Heinz Analytics Club

Heinz College Council for Diversity, Richness, and Inclusion (CDRI)

Heinz Consulting Club

Heinz Finance Club

Heinz Graduate Women's Association

Heinz Internet of Things Club

Heinz Journal

Heinz Veterans Association

ICMA Student Chapter

International Development Group

Latino/a Graduate Student Association

Out and Allied @ Heinz

Politics and Policy Club 

Product Management Club

Reel Time Film Club

Smart Growth Club

Students Using Data for Social-Good (SUDS) 

Transportation Club

White Hat Society  


MSPPM graduates work for large, established organizations and for emerging companies. They're often employed in positions such as policy analysts, budget analysts, managers, and consultants. Their work covers every functional area found in non-profit organizations, federal, state, and local governments, and private firms. For more information about our MSPPM career outcomes visit our website.

Tuition & Financial Aid

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    Work-study Programs Available
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