School of Social Work

Howard University
Washington, DC


Details at a Glance

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  • Application Fee

    dollar-circle $100
  • Average In-State Tuition

    grad-in-state $16,060
  • Average Out-of-State Tuition

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  • Financial Aid Available

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Degrees Offered

MSW Advanced Standing

Our Program

MSW & PhD programs based on our unique historical perspective and framework emphasizing social justice, strength, and cultural competence.

Social Work program courses reflect and infuse the core values of the Black Perspective, the guiding philosophy of the School of Social Work. The Black Perspective has been a part of the inception of the school and later evolved to include a focus on health and well-being and socio-cultural dynamics to be addressed in practice. The principles of the Black Perspective reaffirm the richness, productivity and vigor of the lives of African Americans, Africans, and people of color and marginalized and oppressed people in other parts of the world and emphasizes the delineation of ways in which the strengths of African Americans can be used to respond to oppressive and discriminatory systems.

The goals of the School are to continue on the pathway of excellence as defined by our history and mission, and build upon past and present achievements. The educational philosophy of the School of Social Work recognizes the need to produce graduates who are educated for competent professional practice with all client groups, but with a special sensitivity and concern for people in Black communities. In accordance with the mission of Howard University and that of the School of Social Work, the educational philosophy of our program reflects the importance and complexity of transactions between people and their environment.

Both the MSW and Ph.D. programs are rooted in the knowledge, values and skills necessary for professional practice that promote and sustain social justice and the quality of life for individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations. The educational philosophy recognizes the multiple roles, functions and arenas of social work practice as well as the interdisciplinary knowledge base upon which professional practice is based.


  • Application Fee

    dollar-circle $100


  • checkbox-alt TOEFL
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  • checkbox-alt Personal Statement
  • checkbox-alt 3 Letters of Recommendation

Application Deadline

PhD Program:

December 15th to be considered for funding; and

February 15 General Admissions Deadline

MSW Program:

February 1: Early Action (EA) When you apply for early action, you will receive an admission decision by the end of February. The applicant has the best chance to secure financial support, including Graduate Assistantships, from the School of Social Work. Early action requires an enrollment commitment by March 30.

March 1:  Early Decision (ED) When you apply early decision, you will receive an admission decision by end of March. The applicant has a good chance of securing some financial support from the School of Social Work.

April 1:  Regular Decision (RD) Regular decision allows you to apply to the MSW program by April 1, and you will receive an admissions decision by the end of April.  Regular decision applicants are subject to availability in the program space and limited financial support.

Advanced Standing Applications are accepted for both Fall and Spring.

Student Body

  • Total Students

    pound 250 Students
  • Female

    female 85% Female
  • Male

    male 15% Male


  • checkbox-alt Historically Black College or University

Tuition & Financial Aid

  • Average In-State Tuition

    grad-in-state $16,060
  • Average Out-of-State Tuition

    grad-out-state $16,060

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