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Northeastern University
Boston, MA


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Criminology and Criminal Justice
Political Science
School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs

Our Program

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is the liberal arts core of Northeastern University’s thriving academic community.

The college’s 15 graduate programs of study – with a wide array of disciplines ranging from economics and history, to English and international affairs, just to name a few – form an interdisciplinary collaborative of scholars with global perspectives.

Proud to support nine doctoral degree programs, thirteen Master's degree programs and ten graduate certificates, the College of Social Sciences and Humanities has a range of options for those looking to immerse themselves in more advanced and substantive knowledge, technical skills, and analytic methodologies in their chosen field of study.

Cooperative education is central to both the Northeastern experience and to the College of Social Sciences and Humanities Experiential Liberal Arts framework. The Experiential PhD and Master's Co-op offer students a unique opportunity to gain work and research experience, to apply their knowledge and skills across contexts, and to provide new paths to integrate the Social Sciences and Humanities into the public sphere. Students tie their co-op positions to their current courses of study or to areas where they are looking to expand their knowledge. For a sample of the enriching, co-op opportunities afforded to Northeastern students, click here.

The CSSH mission is:

  • To contribute to the liberal arts education of all Northeastern students;
  • To produce cutting-edge knowledge about and solutions to the political and social problems of our contemporary world; and
  • To foster ethical reasoning and critical thought, with attention to the enduring significance of history, literature, and culture.

This mission, along with a strong international focus, gives CSSH a central role in fulfilling Northeastern’s ambition of educating global citizens. Students ready to tackle the global, political, socioeconomic, and cultural challenges that lie ahead, get started here.

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