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Master of Public Administration
Master of Public Policy
MA in International Affairs
MS in Urban Planning and Policy Program
MS in Urban Informatics

Our Program

The School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs (SPPUA) drives interdisciplinary thinking and problem solving on issues of pressing concern to society at local, state, national, and international levels – from transportation, housing, energy and community development to social and environmental justice, resilience and sustainability.

By educating students in both theory and practice, we prepare them to become effective contributors to social, economic, and environmental change, in careers spanning the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, as well as academic research, get started here.

Cooperative education is central to both the Northeastern experience and to the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs framework. The Experiential PhD and Master's Co-op offer students a unique opportunity to gain work and research experience, to apply their knowledge and skills across contexts. Students tie their co-op positions to their current courses of study or to areas where they are looking to expand their knowledge. For a sample of the enriching, co-op opportunities afforded to SPPUA students, click here.

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