Master of Science in Decision Analysis

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    grad-in-state $39,500
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Degrees Offered

Master of Science in Decision Analysis

Our Program

The 21-month, part-time graduate program is designed to impart key professional skills, emphasizing research, analysis, and practical decision-making.

As the nature of the workforce continues to shift, organizations increasingly need leaders who can utilize data to make informed decisions.

The Master of Science in Decision Analysis (MDA) is a unique program designed for rising professionals in diverse fields around the world. Become an adaptive leader who can deconstruct problems, interpret complex data, and devise effective solutions, in order to drive meaningful improvements in any sector.   

In this 21-month, part-time, non-residential graduate program, you will acquire key transferable skills, through the practical application of frameworks and concepts across multiple contexts.


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Additional Requirements

Applicants will be asked to complete two online Challenges in lieu of any standardized tests. These Challenges can be taken at anytime on a computer with Internet and a webcam.

After submissions, applicants may be contacted for a virtual interview with a program staff member.

Application Deadline

Admissions Round 2 for Fall 2021

Submission Deadline - February 1

Notification Date - March 1

Admissions Round 3 for Fall 2021

Submission Deadline - April 1

Notification Date - April 30

What Our Students Say

  • I chose Minerva because it’s interdisciplinary and has the practice and philosophy that can help me integrate all my ideas and experiences together. I love the idea of breaking down the boundaries between different disciplines because I feel like that's the future. Minerva can help me understand how to learn and how to solve a problem instead of just teaching me the answer. That's why I was really interested.

    Philip Chan, Master of Science in Decision Analysis ‘22
  • I think the most different aspect of Minerva is the fact that it focuses on execution, where other universities only focus on thinking. I’m interested in execution as it is the most important thing for startups and new businesses, because the environment changes every day. We have to make our decisions quickly based on complex information so I would like to not only learn how to think but also the way of execution.

    Marina Nishizawa, Master of Science in Decision Analysis ‘22
  • The MDA value proposition is that it doesn’t matter where you come from or your background, it focuses on putting things in your head and changing or challenging the way you think. You have the flexibility of shaping the program for your interests, in my case it was more technical, in other cases my classmates who didn't need to gain technical skills didn't do that. Each one of us shaped the program to our interests.

    Franco D'Angelo, Master of Science in Data Analysis ‘19

Tuition & Financial Aid

  • Average In-State Tuition

    grad-in-state $39,500
  • Average Out-of-State Tuition

    grad-out-state $39,500

Additional Information

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