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Master of Public Policy

Our Program

We specialize in areas such as the environment and sustainability, health care, education, and urban problems.

Have you ever wondered how governments decide what issues or problems most require attention? Have you ever wanted to participate in making decisions that determine how these issues and problems are addressed? If you answered "yes," then maybe the UCI Master of Public Policy is right for you. 

Public policy studies how governments decide which problems should be addressed; how these decisions should be designed and crafted; who should participate in their design; and, how to determine if the decisions that result actually work. We call these solutions "public policies" because: 1) they affect many people, not just a few (i.e., they are "public") and the solutions produced take the form of laws, regulations, and practices (collectively called "policies"). 

We happen to think that UCI has one of the best Masters of Public Policy programs around, and we'd like to invite you to apply for admission. We say this because:

  • Our faculty are world-class researchers who specialize in issues of urgent concern to society. If you choose to study here, you will be able to specialize in areas such as the environment and sustainability, health care, education, and urban problems (e.g., affordable housing and transportation). 
  • We don't just study public policy, we practice it. Many of our faculty advise policy-makers in the drafting of laws, the best ways to incorporate public opinion in decisions, and the most effective means to implement policy. Our graduates work in organizations and public agencies that do the same.
  • Our classes are small (around 20-25 students on average) and our faculty are friendly, accessible, available, and caring. You won't be a number at UCI - you'll have the opportunity to get to know your professors and to draw on their expertise and experience in your own career development.



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Additional Requirements

The GRE is recommended, but not required, for any student that has completed all the requirements for their high school diploma, bachelor's degree, or an advanced degree in an educational institution where the primary and/or dominant language of instruction is English.

TOEFL/IELTS is required for applicants who completed their undergraduate degree at an institution where the dominant language of instruction is not English.

Application Deadline

Priority Deadline: January 10

Final Deadline: June 1

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What Our Students Say

  • My most memorable moment at UCI was when I presented my capstone project with my team in front of my colleagues, professors, and the public. After spending the better half of a year working on a project it felt surreal to be up on a dais presenting and answering questions from some of the smartest people I had ever met.

    Derek Dolfie, Master of Public Policy ‘16

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