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Our next meeting:

Welcome to Idealists of Siquijor!

This group is for people who want to help each other make our community and the world a better place.

In participating in this group, we all agree to:

- Be kind: treat everyone here as kindly as we'd like to be treated.

- Be generous: share our ideas, offer our support, ask questions, and post comments.

- Be inclusive: make space for all perspectives and points of view.

- Take risks, be creative, and encourage each other to step out of our comfort zones.

Let’s start by using this group to plan and support one another in organizing and promoting our Idealist Days (on 4/4, 5/5and beyond).

Let's not use it for:

- Fundraising appeals.

- Job requests or career advice.

- Promoting our own services or organizations.

- Complaining about the state of world.

- Supporting or opposing any political leader or party.

And in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect:

- No personal attacks.

- No ridiculing or shooting down ideas.

- No negative generalizations about any groups or personal identities.

- No acting or speaking on behalf of anyone else in the group.

- No “action about you without you” (let's not “help” anyone without talking to them first).

Whenever any of us steps over these boundaries (it will happen; we are human), let's point this out kindly and respectfully, and try to take it that way when on the receiving end.

Thank you!