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What do I include in my profile?

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Mobile App: 

We encourage everyone to fill out their profile completely, so people can easily find and connect with you based on the information you've provided. 

Below is what you can include in your profile: 

  • Photo
  • Location (where you live)
  • Hometown (where you are from)
  • Things that you would like to do in your community. 
  • Organizations and companies that you have worked with.
  • Groups and events that you have been part of or attended.
  • Schools
  • Interests
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Instagram accounts.

Although all of the above is not required to use the app, it is required that you put your name. All accounts that do not have a name associated will be marked as inactive. If you notice that your account is inactive, and wish for it to be visible by others, please email