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The Peter G. Peterson Foundation 

Program Manager

New York, NY 

About the Peterson Foundation 

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation is working to secure a healthy, growing economy by addressing America’s fiscal challenges. The Foundation partners with leading policy experts, elected officials and the public to build support for solutions to put America on a sustainable fiscal path. As a non-partisan organization, the Foundation engages in grant-making, partnerships and research to educate and involve Americans from a variety of perspectives.


Position Summary

The Program Manager will play a critical role in supporting the development and execution of strategic initiatives that support the mission of the Foundation and strengthen its impact and reach. One such initiative is the Foundation’s signature college and university campus program, Up to Us, which involves engaging with program grantees and partners, leading calls, tracking program deliverables, and coordinating communications. As the Foundation identifies and launches new initiatives, the Manager will provide research, analytical, planning, and implementation support. The Manager will also support a variety of communications projects as directed and work closely with other members of the communications team. Reporting to the Director of Communications and Initiatives, the Manager, Programs & Special Initiatives will work collaboratively across the organization. The Manager will also engage with external partners, consultants, and vendors, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the initiatives and projects this individual will support.


Specific responsibilities include:


Project Management 

  • Serve as the key project manager of the Foundation’s signature millennial program, Up to Us, a leading nationwide, campus-based campaign focused on building a sustainable economic and fiscal future for America’s next generation ( As the project manager, regularly engage with program grantees, partners and consultants, lead planning calls, set and track program deliverables, help develop and execute communications efforts for the program, manage grantee evaluations and administrative processes, direct and support the development of special events, content and products, conduct research and analysis to support the continued development, growth and expansion of the program.
  • Manage new, not yet developed, projects. This may include projects beyond the Peterson Foundation’s current focus areas.
  • Develop and facilitate a process to meticulously track the status of various projects, internal and external partners involved, necessary follow-ups, and next steps.


Research and Implementation

  • Conduct thoughtful and comprehensive research and analysis on a variety of policy issues, organizations, individuals, movements, emerging trends, prominent projects, public debates, media coverage, legislative benchmarks, political developments, and events.
  • Proactively use information gathered to identify new opportunities for impact.
  • Track internal brainstorming and planning conversations and draft follow up planning documents, notes and memos concerning strategic recommendations, action plans, processes, and updates on a variety of initiatives and projects.



  • Provide support for a variety of communications or foundation-wide initiatives and projects that include an integrated communications element.
  • Assist Foundation principals and staff on various writing projects.
  • Provide counsel and support to Foundation principals regarding prospective and ongoing opportunities for external engagement. As needed, assess and provide recommendations on external requests and engagement opportunities, such as personal meetings, speaking opportunities, etc.
  • Assess and provide recommendations on external requests for partnership engagements and grant support, including recurring requests from past grantees and unsolicited inquiries from other parties.



  • Experienced project manager with impeccable attention to detail
  • Skilled in working independently and collaboratively as both a manager and part of a team
  • Demonstrated ability to be proactive and take the initiative
  • Experienced researcher with strong analytical skills
  • Ability to synthesize complex information in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Clear, concise, and accurate writing, editing, and proofing skills
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines and have the organizational skills to prioritize and manage numerous projects at once
  • Strong sense of urgency
  • Ability to coordinate and collaborate with multiple parties both internally and externally
  • Openness to feedback and a desire to learn and grow
  • Demonstrated interest in and knowledge of fiscal policy and public affairs
  • Ability to transform complicated policy issues into generally understandable messages
  • Experience with a broad range of communication styles, formats, and distribution channels

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement