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January 5, 2021

Bicoastal video, film, and broadcast firm seeks top-notch, go-getter, part-time Project Manager. 

The Project Manager works closely with the Founder and producers to develop strong project plans. While working with producers on external client planning, also help the founder efficiently manage simultaneous internal projects. The bulk of the work includes improving workflow, helping execute tasks, creating tight schedules, as efficiently as possible, keeping things organized to ensure the goals and outcomes of simultaneous and evolving projects are executed and delivered in a timely fashion with a high caliber of excellence.

The Project Manager utilizes Asana, G-Suite, Slack, and other tools to track, share, and report information throughout the project with producers, team, clients, and keeps all involved in the loop seamlessly. The Project Manager/Coordinator is also responsible for the overall execution and deliverables of internal projects as measured by the project’s timeline and budget and help the founder get those done per timeline goals. This position reports to the CEO | Founder but, also at times in collaboration or solo with other team members.

This is a great opportunity for a growth position with hopeful expansion to something like VP, Director Of Operations, or even COO eventually - for now, starting very part-time as we grow.

Ideal Candidate: 

  • Especially interested in applicants who have had at least 5-10 years of experience working in this role on public relations, communications or advertising or marketing, public policy, political, NGO, or on media and content production teams. 
  • Environmentally focused, social justice fighter who seeks to work at a company that is valued aligned.
  • Ground floor opportunity to join a core team. Not seeking someone who wants to run their own company, but rather wants to grow with a ( somewhat young ) company that is aggressively growing.
  • Is Proactive and takes charge and ownership of projects, schedules and time-frame, lists, and is extremely organized. Exceptional organizational Ninja skills welcome ;) 
  • Can take lots of notes quickly, download a lot and synthesize it into actionable steps and todos and really put plans into action after weekly calls, helping all the passengers get on the train and follow-through that the train arrives on time and everyone leaves with their luggage. (forgive the analogy).
  • Is whip-smart, succinct, high-powered, focused, and low on drama during work.
  • Is pretty good at budgeting and can communicate with the founder and accounting team (doesn’t need to be an accountant, but is pretty decent at basic accounting duties to help our main accountant sometimes with project-based finance tasks/ issues that can arise).
  • Is proactive in often thinking about workflow systems and how they could be stronger, finding solutions, tools, or tweaks to improve processes.
  • Must love new software and technology. 
  • Seeking upbeat personality who is about team happiness, emotionally stable, strives to keep vibes up when the world is crazy or pressure is intense, with a mission to make their own workday as enjoyable as possible as well as everyone around them.
  • Has interest or a gift at building team, community culture with contractors, vendors, clients, and team.
  • No misanthropes, introverts need not apply. We are apart of a movement that is building a sustainable future and 21st Century just and equitable economy. Some days it's challenging, as that world isn't here yet. Positivity is key! Especially interested in upbeat, candidates who envision a positive future. 
  • Earnestly enjoys the camaraderie, team. Opportunity to help foster and build that ideal team culture. Cranky, moody artists, misanthropic, or introverts - please do not apply.  
  • Good communicator: behaves appropriately if things need to be discussed
  • Experience at t holding boundaries with Clients, Team, and workload important.
  • Especially interested in BIPOQ+ candidates. 
  • Especially interested in those who have demonstrated a commitment to racial and social justice in their work and preferably in their personal lives

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or 5+ years equivalent mentioned above
  • Mastery of G-Suite, Asana, Zoom, Slack, project management ninja basic online tools
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Exceptional listening skills
  • Ability to communicate clearly, succinctly, effectively, and with healthy emotional behavior.
  • Is an upbeat, team player who lives to make some serious impact! 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create a plan to achieve the goals and outcomes of the project.
  • Communicate the status, the gaps, and the performance of the project with enough time to adjust.
  • Performs problem resolution, and root causes analysis and after delivery, keeps up with basic data collection on projects’ outcome, impact.
  • Identifies issues that may stall a client project and addresses them.
  • Tracks and monitors progress against a timeline and key milestones, including financials.
  • Owns the communication flow to ensure all impacted parties (upstream/downstream) are informed of the next steps for completion.
  • Works with the Founder to produce timely and accurate documents ( proposals, agreements, contracts, paperwork, financial docs when needed.). Sometimes reports too. 
  • Responsible for project logistics including scheduling outside labor and coordinating per producer’s needs on external projects as needed. For internal projects, work with the Founder on project needs.
  • Responsible for negotiations with vendors and maintaining accountability with their timelines.
  • The Project Mgr reports and works closely in long meetings with the Founder 1-3x weekly to go over things



  • Location: Remote, however, Ecodeo operates on two time zones, EST and PST because the Founder is bicoastal and the team and clients are on both coasts. Must be comfortable and skilled with scheduling across time zones where sometimes a project will have members on opposite coasts or overseas.
  • A stated and proven commitment to our company values.
  • Demonstrated personal commitment to racial, social, and environmental justice
  • Intellectual curiosity and a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively.
  • Demonstrated commitment specifically to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Fluency with digital project management and/or communications tools (e.g., Asana, Google Suite, Slack, AirTable, and others) and a proven track record of success in advancing project management both internally and client-facing.
  • Proven ability to oversee projects from initial strategy through tactical implementation.
  • Client-facing, appropriate, professional, presentable and clear, warm, yet sparse in client communication
  • Strong writing skills, attention to detail, understanding of inclusive and plain language practices, and ability to write across a variety of channels and mediums.
  • Strong organizational skills, familiarity with project management, and experience working in a client services environment.
  • Positive attitude, upbeat, proactive go-getter, and above all, a team player.
  • Ability to manage and prioritize competing demands.


Ecodeo is a bicoastal film & digital video storytelling firm focused on social impact, eco-innovation, and full-spectrum sustainability. Our work supports conservation, environmental, racial, social, and food justice outreach efforts. We create authentic work to help build healthy, resilient, anti-racist communities, lower emissions, and content that help to eradicate poverty while supporting solutions to build a 21st century, green, resilient, and inclusive economy for all. Specifically, we produce branded video, video packages, video ads, promos, animations, social media video packages, video advocacy, films, episodic, mini-documentaries, tributes, eco-brand storytelling, eco-documentaries. Our storytelling specifically promotes justice, eco-products, renewable energy, clean-tech, responsible supply chains, solar and wind products, clean water, clean air, clean transit, corporate responsibility, and full-spectrum sustainability efforts across the board. The content we create is designed to work across the digital landscape for global digital campaigns, interactive experiences, advertising, storytelling, digital ads, AR, VR, and emerging platforms. Our work is in service to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are part of a 2030 Agenda. Our work supports the transition to a net-zero economy toward a just and climate-stabilized future.

Part-Time Position Compensation and Benefits

  • Part-time - 10 hours a week / $30/hour /  $1200/month (to start, with quarterly growth up to $18k)
  • Hope to offer group health coverage starting mid-late 2021 as well as IRA options
  • Flexible hours time off, all remote (at least until end of Pandemic) 
  • Paid holidays

To Apply

Submit a one-page cover letter with why interested, any links, and resume or LinkedIn. The next step would be a zoom interview with the founder after some easy personality tests.  

Bicoastal video, film, and broadcast firm seeks top-notch, go-getter, part-time Project Manager. 

The Project Manager works closely with the Founder and producers to develop strong project plans. While working with producers on external…

Details at a glance

  • On-site Location
  • Part Time Schedule


New York, NY

How to Apply

To apply, please go to :

To apply, please go to :

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