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November 24, 2020

Organizational Overview

The Endometriosis Association is at an incredibly exciting moment in the organization’s life cycle. Endometriosis and endocrine diseases have become increasingly recognized in both the medical and general communities. This is in large part due to the larger movement that the Endometriosis Association has created over the past four decades. The Endometriosis Association was the first organization in the world created for those with endometriosis. It is comprised of girls and women with endometriosis, as well as doctors, scientists, and others interested in the disease. The Association works toward better understanding of the disease, prevention and ultimately finding a cure. It also provides education, support, and research. Since its humble founding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1980 by Mary Lou Ballweg and Carolyn Keith, the Endometriosis Association has grown into a worldwide, independent organization with a network in dozens of countries and literature available in 30+ different languages. It has become a recognized authority in the field of endometriosis with 3 books, 5 professionally produced videos, and several book chapters in professional medical publications. Some of its most notable accomplishments are 1) its teen outreach program (TOPS), 2) its literature, including massive educational projects with mailings to every gynecologist, hospital, and college health service in the U.S. and Canada and 3) its dedicated research programs which included establishment of links between endometriosis and environmental dioxin exposure as well as auto immune diseases and certain cancers. Operating as a non-profit organization, the Endometriosis Association is dedicated to establishing funds to enable more research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of endometriosis such as its research partnership with Vanderbilt University. Its central goal is to find a cure for endometriosis, while providing education and support to those impacted. This is a great moment in time to grow this organization and its reach and level impact.

These goals support the mission of the Endometriosis Association which is: 1) to support for women, girls and families affected by endometriosis, 2) educate members, the public, and the medical community about the disease and 3) provide and facilitate research on Endometriosis. It is the Association’s vision that every woman, girl and family will have support, knowledge, and help in securing accurate, early diagnosis and effective treatment for this chronic, painful, and complex disease; Have the knowledge and tools to advocate for their own physical and emotional health, and to help others affected by endometriosis to do the same; and Advocate to reduce environmental factors linked to the increased occurrence and severity of endometriosis and related diseases. The Endometriosis Association believes in a vibrant future where the medical community, the public, and families affected by endometriosis will debunk myths, understand that pain with female reproductive function is not normal and that endometriosis is a systemic disease with associated immune, endocrine, and other problems that go beyond the reproductive system; Its research will contribute to finding causes, treatments, prevention, and a cure for endometriosis and related health issues.

More information on endometriosis and the integral work of the Endometriosis Association can be found on the website:

Position Description

As the Endometriosis Association’s Founder transitions into a new role, the new Executive Director is a mission-focused position for a passionate advocate for the marginalized needs of girls, women and families affected by endometriosis. This individual will work with the Board to determine strategy and programs to fulfill the Endometriosis Association’s mission to find a cure and prevention for endometriosis through research, while providing education and support to those affected. The Executive Director will coordinate and ensure implementation of the Support Program and Education Program with the board, staff, interns, and volunteers. Over time, new and diverse programs will need to be designed, especially to reach and assist the groups most overlooked by the medical establishment such as minority women and girls, those of lower socioeconomic means, the LGBTQ community, and children. The Endometriosis Association was the first organization in the world to stand up for those affected by this dismissed and stigmatized disease and against the routine dismissal and marginalization of female-specific health issues. Having achieved goals that were only dreams at the beginning of its history, the next steps will determine the Endometriosis Association’s ongoing leadership and transformational role in female health. Though underlying attitudes and lack of care still prevail, endometriosis has received increased attention and visibility. The Endometriosis Association is known for its broad understanding of the disease, including its overlap with systemic immune and hormonal and other chronic conditions (such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, auto-immune conditions, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Sjogren’s syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, increased risk for certain cancers, and more), and the role of environmental toxins, in its development and progression.

The Executive Director must have a thorough understanding of what it’s like to live with endometriosis, proven leadership skill, strong people and communication skills, excellent fundraising skills, program management experience, the ability to work independently, as well as in teams, and, preferably, nonprofit management experience. Additionally, the successful candidate must have enthusiasm, energy, and dedication. These qualities, combined with the Association’s legacy of breakthrough accomplishments, and the continuing involvement of founder, Mary Lou Ballweg, will ensure success. The Executive Director will work closely with the Board of Directors, and report to the Board President. The current staffing structure is comprised of two full-time and one part time employee, plus a large cadre of volunteers. The Endometriosis Association’s annual operating budget is presently $316,000.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Relationship Cultivation and Donor Stewardship
  • Strategize and implement methods to create key communications for constituents.
  • Research, develop and maintain all aspects of relationship management for key donors.
  • Cultivate current and potential funding sources and oversee fund development plans to increase the resources of the Endometriosis Association.
  • Direct the messaging, branding and materials used to grow the Association’s budget.
  • Arrange and participate in planned giving stewardship - by planning and coordinating connections with current donors and / or potential donors
  • Provide consistent improvement and refinement of the Association’s database including its ability to track key donors, provide necessary donor research and record relevant characteristics and accomplishments.
  • Create a positive, professional environment reflecting the core values of the organization. 
  • Maintain an organizational climate and culture which attracts, retains, and motivates high-quality people.
Planning, Operations, and Implementation
  • Actively listen to assess the needs of the Endometriosis Association and its stakeholders and communicate accurate information concerning process, plans, and procedures.
  • Keep abreast of current trends, and innovations in the field, as well as relevant public policy and legislative developments.
  • Develop new programs, and utilize existing programs, to provide education and support.
  • Along with the Board of Directors and volunteers, ensure that operations meet the expectations of constituents served.
  • Collaborate with Board officers and stakeholders to implement the programs and goals of the Endometriosis Association and engage the Board in governance and visionary, forward-oriented leadership.
  • Maximize the use of new technology in the operations and outreach of the Association.
  • Lead and oversee the fiscal operations, long-range financial planning, resource allocation strategy, and budget development / monitoring.
  • Report to the Board and Finance Committee regularly on the organization’s financial performance in relation to the annual budget, providing the Board with comprehensive, regular reports on revenues and expenditures.

Qualifications and Core Values

⮚       Bachelor’s Degree is required. Master’s degree or other advanced degree, or other types of relevant experience is preferred.

 ⮚       Unwavering passion and empathy for the needs of those impacted by endometriosis.

 ⮚       Five or more years of successful management experience at a leadership level.

 ⮚       Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

 ⮚       Strong public speaking skills.

 ⮚       Demonstrated skills and experience in fund development and board development preferred.

 ⮚       Experience with operational planning, and the ability to work with volunteers and committees is required.

 ⮚       Ability to envision and convey the organization’s strategic mission to the staff, board, volunteers, members, and donors.

 ⮚       Proven ability to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with diverse internal and external stakeholders.

 ⮚       Ability to relate to individuals and groups in a manner that inspires respect and confidence.

 ⮚       Comfort with representing the voice of those with endometriosis to a variety of stakeholders including medical professionals and funders.

Organizational Overview

The Endometriosis Association is at an incredibly exciting moment in the organization’s life cycle. Endometriosis and endocrine diseases have become increasingly recognized in both the medical and general…

Details at a glance

  • On-site Location
  • Full Time Schedule


8585 North 76th Place, Milwaukee, WI 53223

How to Apply

Instructions for Applicants

 The Endometriosis Association is currently headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. Although a presence in Milwaukee is preferred, some type of remote work arrangement may be an option for the right candidate. The role offers a very flexible weekly work schedule. Conditions permitting, a portion of the Executive Director’s time will require travel in pursuit of the organization’s mission.

For full consideration, please email all items below, combined into one document, to no later than 12:00 p.m. CT on November 24, 2020:

1. A letter describing your qualifications for this Executive Director position, including: your specific interest in the Endometriosis Association’s mission and a description of your current salary parameters and work location preferences; addressed to:

 Mindy Lubar Price, President & CEO

Leading Transitions LLC

1345 North Jefferson St., Suite 350

Milwaukee, WI 53202

 2. A detailed and updated resume; and

 3. Three professional references including names (title if applicable), relationship, and contact information.

Please note:

  • References will not be contacted until a candidate has been notified.
  • Background checks will subsequently be performed, with candidate permission.
  • All inquiries and interactions with potential candidates are kept in strict confidence.


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Instructions for Applicants

 The Endometriosis Association is currently headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. Although a presence in Milwaukee is preferred, some type of remote work…

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