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The Opportunity

The Fuel Fund of Maryland (Fuel Fund) is seeking an entrepreneurial Executive Director who is committed to helping low- to middle-income families afford home energy. Our mission is to provide:

  • Efficient delivery of energy assistance during crisis
  • Affordability solutions that address the energy affordability gap
  • Energy education including financial literacy and bill reading
  • Energy conservation solutions for the low-income community in Maryland

This position requires a candidate who is a seasoned leader with compassion for vulnerable individuals and families; who brings extensive relationship building and networking skills; who has a successful fundraising track record; and who possesses an understanding of, or a desire to learn about, energy affordability.

The Fuel Fund is entering an exciting chapter and seeks an entrepreneurial leader to partner with the Board of Directors to lead the Fuel Fund in fulfilling its mission. We are looking for a dynamic professional to define new opportunities that support the Fuel Fund’s vision of providing long-term energy affordability for low-income people, including seniors, veterans, and those living in poverty. Possible new initiatives include:

  • Developing partnerships with other utility providers in addition to our longstanding relationship with BGE.
  • Geographic expansion of services to all of Maryland.
  • Exploration of how solar power integrates with affordable energy solutions for low-income people.
  • Turning the inaugural Ice House event into an annual signature event to build awareness and increase corporate engagement.

The Organization

The Fuel Fund of Maryland is dedicated to energy affordability solutions for low-income households. For more than 35 years, the Fuel Fund has offered emergency financial assistance to prevent the loss of critical utility services. In addition to assisting low-income Marylanders in crisis, the Fuel Fund is committed to ensuring energy self-sufficiency and offers Watt Watchers education and training to empower individuals and their families to be wise stewards of their energy dollars.

To fulfill the mission of the Fuel Fund, donors, Board, and staff support and advocate for funding and services that provide affordable energy to families overcoming hardship caused by poverty in order to help them meet this basic need.

Incorporated in 1981, the Fuel Fund was created in response to the 1970s oil embargo that squeezed supply, causing energy prices to soar. Hardest hit were those people least able to pay dramatic cost increases. Victorine Q. Adams, a Baltimore City councilwoman and noted civil rights activist, intervened and the earliest version of the Fuel Fund was born. She was moved to action when a couple in her council district froze to death in their home. Adams vowed that this would never happen again under her watch. Today, an integrated network of fuel funds across the nation carries on Mrs. Adams’ vision.

The Fuel Fund programs:

  • Increase resources to meet essential home energy needs.
  • Provide home energy assistance by delivering emergency financial assistance, workshops that improve capacity to conserve energy, and access to services that reduce energy costs.
  • Establish opportunities for collaboration between the Fuel Fund and its local service providers.
  • Advocate to influence legislation, policies, and regulations to better serve clients and establish partnerships with home energy providers.

Today, the Fuel Fund of Maryland is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors, and the Executive Director reports to the Board. The budget is approximately $2.7M. There are 15 staff members, including those who staff the call center. 

With an increasing reliance on technology since Mrs. Adams’ days, the need for power is even more critical to safety and health. The role of the Fuel Fund in our community is as vital as ever.

The Position

The Fuel Fund of Maryland’s Executive Director serves as the leader of the organization and its primary public representative. The Executive Director works in partnership with the Board to ensure that the organization fulfills its mission and creates a strategic vision for future success. The Executive Director is accountable for the programmatic and fiscal integrity of the organization in keeping with the philosophy set by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director is the chief fundraiser and relationship manager for the organization. The appropriate candidate for the position will demonstrate strong social services management experience, relationship building and strategic leadership skills. S/he will be a visionary leader with a proven track record of developing, implementing, and assessing strategy.

The Executive Director will lead the organization into its next stage of growth and development through initiating, nurturing, and maintaining relationships with community partners, stakeholders, legislators, donors, local businesses and government, as well as with Board members and staff.

Key Responsibilities


  • Collaborate with the Board to set direction and drive the organization toward the Fuel Fund’s vision
  • Represent the Fuel Fund in our legislative, partner, financial, and social communities and among peer organizations
  • Encourage and inspire a rewarding and results-oriented work environment and motivate staff to perform at their best
  • Meet regularly with direct reports to support and develop them as departmental leaders
  • Enhance and support an organizational culture of leadership development, inclusive of ongoing feedback, performance appraisals and professional development opportunities for staff

Fund Raising

  • Develop and support fundraising strategies with the Board
  • Oversee staff in the development and implementation of fundraising plans
  • Serve as a primary person in donor and funder relationships
  • Oversee the timely submission of grant applications and progress reports for funders


  • Oversee operations and manage compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Promote a culture that reflects the organization’s values, encourages good performance and rewards productivity
  • Manage the human and fiscal resources of the organization
  • Ensure that staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information


Financial Stewardship

  • Create annual operating budgets; submit annual plans to the Board for approval
  • Prudently manage resources within budget guidelines
  • Ensure practice of appropriate accounting procedures
  • Provide timely, thorough, and accurate information to keep the Board appropriately informed of the organization’s financial position

Board Support

  • Inform and advise the Board and interface between Board and staff
  • Assist in the selection and evaluation of Board members and Board leadership
  • Make recommendations and support the Board during orientation and self-evaluation

Community Relationships

  • Serve as the primary spokesperson and representative for the organization
  • Assure that the organization, mission, programs, and services are consistently presented in a strong, positive manner
  • Actively advocate for the organization, its beliefs, and its programmatic efforts


  • Collaborate with the Board to define and articulate the organization’s vision and to develop strategies for achieving that vision
  • Develop and monitor strategies that ensure long-term financial viability
  • Develop future leadership within the organization

Programmatic Effectiveness

  • Oversee design, delivery, and quality of programs and services
  • Stay abreast of current trends related to the organization’s products and services, and anticipate future trends likely to have an impact on its work
  • Collect and analyze evaluation information that measures the success of program efforts


12- to 18-month priorities for the next Executive Director include:

  • Understand, evaluate and lead the business and funding models, operations, and functions within the organization.
  • Become the face and voice of the Fuel Fund throughout our service area and inspire others to support our mission and vision.
  • Raise the funds and other resources needed to sustain and grow the organization’s programs, services and infrastructure.
  • Collaborate frequently and effectively with partner organizations, public officials and individuals working on and influencing issues related to energy affordability.
  • Establish a regular communication pattern with Board, staff, partners, and key stakeholders.
  • Support staff by establishing a culture of trust, fostering a spirit of professional development and teamwork, and maintaining a positive organizational culture.
  • Work closely with the Board to refine, implement, and brand the emerging mission.
  • Develop a multi-year fundraising plan and budget.


Experience and Attributes

Ideal candidates for this position will share the Fuel Fund’s commitment to energy affordability solutions and have leadership experience in a nonprofit or social services organization. Highly qualified applicants will bring a variety of experiences and attributes to the Fuel Fund, including:

  • Extensive experience as the key relationship manager and leader of an organization.
  • At least ten years’ executive level leadership and management experience in a successful, growth-oriented organization of similar size and complexity.
  • Demonstrated experience in fundraising with experience in diversifying funding streams.
  • A basic understanding of the Maryland legislative process and advocacy, and a well-developed political savviness and knowledge of local and state legislation that affects energy or our clients.
  • Proven experience with fiscal management, budgeting, and operations, including responsibility for developing and managing at least a $3M budget.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and networking skills, strong communication skills, and a genuineness that inspires trust.
  • Experience providing entrepreneurial vision and strategic leadership and translating both into concrete actions that advance the mission.
  • Experience supporting the Board in its governance role, fostering its ongoing development, engaging its members in strategy and resource development, and keeping it informed.
  • An ability to recognize trends and keep the organization flexible and responsive to new opportunities or requirements.
  • Experience working with, an understanding of, or empathy for the issues faced by low- to middle-income people and a willingness to advocate on their behalf.
  • Strong relationship builder and communicator, who has demonstrated experience working collaboratively.
  • Knowledge of the energy industry is preferred, but interest in and a willingness to learn will be considered.
  • BS/BA degree required. Master’s preferred.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Application Process

To apply, e-mail resume, cover letter and salary requirements to: FFMD@Raffa.com (e-mail applications are required and only complete applications will be considered). For other inquiries, contact Lauren Weinstein at lweinstein@Raffa.com .

The Fuel Fund of Maryland is an Equal Opportunity Employer - all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other classification protected by applicable discrimination laws.

Resume reviews begin immediately.

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