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Full Time Contract



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Our Purpose

Woodfield’s mission is to connect people to true nature in the most genuine, joyful and lasting ways. In 2018, we will formally launch Woodfield to the world, giving people a place to find their way to true nature. As a Community Growth Lead you’ll have the opportunity to visit and be engaged with initiatives directly taking place at Woodfield. For further information regarding Woodfield, please visit

Woodfield is a dynamic organization that connects to its community in 3 ways to make magic happen within:


1.The Campus

500 acres of rich Muskoka land, cute cuddly animals, hiking/running trails, warm rustic lodges, wellness facilities, yoga decks & meditation areas. The Campus offers our members a chance to have a deep experience of the nature within and nature outside.


2.The City

Through our strategic partnership with lululemon, we offer our members free and paid classes in the city on a weekly basis. Classes are oriented towards mindfulness, yoga and other programming that helps people connect to the nature of self. 


3.The Connection

As we build our community in the City and on Campus, we are also focused on creating an online community that will be supported with free and paid education. We will offer a robust selection of articles, video and real time experiences to help people build resources to make them healthier and happier.  


Why be our Community Growth Lead:

At Woodfield, our model is about making real connections with people and having them feel like they want to be part of our mission. In the Community Growth Lead position you will steer our membership growth and how we view this process, building a solid community first. You are someone who finds value in empowering and influencing others.

Core Responsibilities:

Membership Growth

  • Creating and implementing membership acquisition strategy
  • Being the front-line person who potential members, organizations and corporations interact with to complete membership and/or bookings
  • Managing our CRM database
  • Working with a team of staff and/or interns to achieve growth goals


  • Creating a storytelling strategy that aligns with growth strategy
  • Working with creative team to create and manage assets via web, social and print
  • Creating innovative campaigns


  • Creating and implementing our e-commerce strategy
  • Working with creative team to launch social apparel and accessories


  • Creating and implementing our e-commerce strategy
  • Work with Campus Operations Manager to launch the Woodfield Shop


  • Work with Program Curator to identify and execute pop-ups


  • Reaching out to wellness organizations, thought leaders and community leads who are aligned with Woodfield’s values and cultivating a long, lasting professional relationship.

 Key Experience:

  • 3-5 years working in a sales & marketing capacity
  • Experience with retail and e-commerce
  • Passion for wellness, fitness, yoga or mindfulness
  • Deep understanding of hospitality and experience
  • Shown history of delivery high quality product & experience over several years
  • Strategic plan creation
  • Deep understanding of staffing, operations and managing costs
  • History of managing and mentoring people at a high level
  • History of delivering big results in a startup or small team environment; being self motivated

Core Competencies:

  • Excel, Google Sheets
  • Word, Google Docs
  • PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides
  • Social Media (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Hubspot or equivalent CRM
  • Mailchimp
  • Survey Tools (Survey Monkey)


  • Post-secondary education in areas of focus or equivalent work experience & proven track record
  • Use of own vehicle to travel between Toronto & Woodfield, Muskoka
  • Completed police background and reference check

Performance Objectives:

  • Work with Managing Director to identify key objectives and report progress weekly
  • Work to reach shared Milestones for Woodfield success
  • Communicate any needs, challenges, productive ideas between weekly meetings


Terms of Community Growth Lead:

  • This is a one year salary position with annual allowance included for wellness, education, and gas allowance
  • Opportunities beyond 1 year contract exist subject to outstanding performance
  • Access to Woodfield for recreational use during season when available
  • Access to great teachers, leaders, ambassadors in fields of health, wellness, and development

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

Here's how to apply:

We ask all Community Growth Lead applicants apply directly to with the position in the subject heading and their name. Please enclose a cover letter sharing how you support community through your influence, along with your resume. 


Experience comes in many forms, many skills are transferable, and passion goes a long way. If your experience is this close to what we’re looking for, consider applying.