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About Us

New Visions Charter High Schools (NVCHS) provide all students, regardless of their previous academic history, the highest quality education in an atmosphere of respect, responsibility and rigor. We ensure that our students have the skills and knowledge to graduate ready for college, pursue a career, and engage with the 21st century economy. We develop learning experiences that allow risk-taking, cultivate students' imaginative and creative abilities, and celebrate achievement. Through an intensive study of math concepts in our math and science schools, and literature, English, social studies and arts in our humanities schools, students learn how to generate research questions, develop the skills necessary to answer those questions, create products that demonstrate understanding, and defend their knowledge publicly.


Position Summary

The Director of School Operations (DSO) is critical to the successful and efficient running of the New Visions Charter High Schools. The DSO functions similar to what is commonly referred to as an Assistant Principal of Operations in some schools and oversees operational performance through managing finance, administration, technology, facilities, compliance and general school operations in order to support student achievement and financial success. The school comprises approximately 80 staff and 550 students. The DSO reports to the Principal and manages the school's Operations team. S/he will work closely and collaboratively with the Principal and will be a member of the school's Leadership team. The DSO is responsible for all matters of school administration that do not directly relate to instruction. This role is essential to the New Visions Charter School model, which intentionally relieves the Principal of non-instructional obligations so that s/he can focus on student achievement and professional development of the teaching.


  • Create and proofread professional correspondence
  • Work with CMO to coordinate the necessary clearances and permissions for students and staff to appear in brochures, videos, etc.

Community Engagement

  • Maintain ongoing contact with Community Engagement team at the CMO around Community Advisory Board, student recruitment and family engagement activities (e.g., speaker visits, events involving the community)
  • Develop and manage relationships with community organizations/external partners that are involved with providing services to the school’s educational program


  • Oversee, in coordination with New Visions CMO on the preparation and submission of all Federal, State, and Local grant applications and reporting
  • Ensure that essential personnel policies and procedures are followed in a timely manner
  • Ensure that the school completes all required Federal, State and Local compliance activities on time and completely with the assistance of the New Visions CMO
  • Understand accountability metrics and annual reporting required of charter schools and oversee the submission of all accountability metrics
  • Ensure that the new student lottery is implemented in compliance with State law and maintain student waiting list, in conjunction with the New Visions CMO
  • Oversee, in coordination with New Visions CMO, year-end audits as well as any site audits from State or Federal agencies

Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Oversee, with New Visions CMO, all data analysis and reporting for Federal, state, City & Board
  • Enrollment Management & Student Services
  • Oversee student outreach and recruitment process including student registration and management of the waitlist
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the capital program


  • Oversee processes and procedures to address facility needs (lighting, repairs in rooms, etc.) and ensure that facility and systems are designed to maximize student learning
  • Oversee processes and procedures for preparation for public events (hallways, bulletin boards, classrooms)


  • Review monthly financial reports and update monthly financial estimates
  • Oversee the performance of basic Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions in the routine course of daily operations
  • Provide financial and operational oversight for invoice approval, budget development, delivery tracking and inventory control
  • Confirm accuracy of payroll processing in conjunction with New Visions CMO
  • Work with the school Principal, New Visions CMO and the Charter Board of Trustees to implement and manage the school’s budget

Food Services

  • Oversee all aspects of free and reduced lunch programs including managing entire application process
  • Manage National School Breakfast program, National School Lunch Program, and snacks


  • Actively participate on the school’s leadership team

Human Resources - Management

  • Manage payroll processes in conjunction with New Visions CMO
  • Deploy Operational staff so that all critical operational functions are covered and carried out efficiently
  • Directly manage, at full growth, a department of at least 10 non-instructional staff carrying out Operations functions in the school

Human Resources - Talent Management

  • Serve as primary HR liaison for the school including managing the recruitment and onboarding of operations staff, and overseeing new hire and termination procedures for all staff
  • Manage the performance appraisal process (e.g., goal-setting and regular feedback mechanisms for business and operations staff


  • Meet with direct reports regularly to manage projects and tasks


  • Assist in supervising student entrance/dismissal, locker rooms, lunchroom and hallway duty as needed under the direction of the principal and or other appropriate staff members

Student and Family Engagement

  • Respond to student, parent and staff inquiries and act in the absence of administration
  • Foster an attitude of cooperation and positive support with all school patrons and parents
  • Working closely with all school, parent and community organizations to increase parent involvement
  • Attends parent meetings along with the principal, where appropriate

Student Services

  • Serve as Hearing Officer in cases when a student has violated the school’s Code of Conduct and a removal from school is contemplated. The role of the Hearing Officer is to preside over a hearing and, based on the evidence, make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees
  • Serves as a school liaison for vendors providing student support services

Systems Development

  • Oversee the purchasing and maintenance of technology equipment and implementation of technology training in partnership with the New Visions CMO Technology team
  • Manage school-wide data systems (managing student attendance, tracking the student discipline incidents, managing parent data systems, coordinating community engagement activities)
  • Ability to set up systems that forecast the growth of the school


  • Oversee implementation of student information systems related to attendance, student biographical information, etc.

Additional Job Responsibilities

  • Willingness to work non-standard hours as needed
  • Additional responsibilities as needed to meet the needs of the organization


  • Master's degree from an accredited college in education, policy, finance or other related field with MBA/MPA preferred
  • 10+ years of operations management experience and/or project management experience preferred
  • Certified PMP a plus
  • Experience working in an urban school setting strongly preferred with previous charter school experience and/or working with young people, a plus
  • Excellent computer skills including proficiency with Google Docs and Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Word, Excel and Access


New Visions for Public Schools offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please apply by uploading a cover letter and resume to: