Entrepreneurial Education Internships in Paraguay

Hours per week

40 hours per week




Manuel Blinder 5589 c./ Tte. Espinoza



An internship with Fundación Paraguaya offers an unique opportunity to gain professional experience in teaching entrepreneurial education to children and youth and spend time living and working in Paraguay!


Through our Entrepreneurial Education Program we seek to instill the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity, as well as develop leadership qualities in children and youth. Since the outset, more than 230,000 children and youth have participated in our diverse activities. Each year thousands of boys and girls get involved and in the process, awaken their spirit of entrepreneurship and develop business skills.

We represent and implement various educational programs, among them Junior Achievement Worldwide (JAW). We have been the representative of Junior Achievement Worldwide in Paraguay since 1995, teaching entrepreneurial and financial education to students of low-income government schools.


Entrepreneurial Education internship opportunities:

Interns may choose to work in one or more related internships depending on their time available and particular interests. They will be supervised by the Entrepreneurial Education Manager, and will be working with other staff members and/or interns who are carrying out similar projects.

Assistant for Youth Program

Assist in the coordination of our public school and youth programs, Conduct an analysis and monitoring of schools participating in the economic educational program. Assist in the organization of events, and assist with administration and logistics.

Pedagogical assistant

Assist, analyze and evaluate the development of pedagogical proposals for new entrepreneurial education programs and assist in the programs that are already in development.


Feel free to contact us at internships@fundacionparaguaya.org.py for any additional information!

How To Apply


The applicants must send a completed application form, which can be downloaded from our website, together with their resume and a photocopy of their passport. We will study the applications and schedule Skype calls with candidates considered for the next stage. At the end of the process, the applicants will be informed whether they have been accepted.