Maternal and Child Health

Hours per week

Between 24 and 30 hours per week




194 Baines Avenue
Harare Province



This programme involves offering front line medical services to expecting mothers at birth centres. These services include counselling, HIV testing and providing non nucleoside reverse transcriptase drugs to reduce mother to child HIV transmission. The placement will be located in two sites that is in both rural and urban areas giving the intern or volunteer a hands on experience with patients in both settings of Zimbabwe.

You will also have an opportunity of working at Zimbabwe's most prestigious hospitals having been recognized as one of the first in Zimbabwe to have no children born with HIV.

Our main priority as an organisation in this programme is to make sure we prevent mother to child HIV transmission and that the babies are as healthy as they can be.


  • Work alongside healthcare professional in a different country to support their daily activities
  • Offer support to under-resourced healthcare professionals and patients
  • Be involved with an impactful programme with measurable results
  • Move around Zimbabwe site seeing, whilst assisting at healthcare centres (voluntourism)
  • Befriend locals, and make friends for life

How To Apply

Applications are on-going, and you are welcome to apply throughout the year!