Computer science internship in Uganda

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Microfinance volunteers Uganda (MFV) is offering people from all over the world the opportunity to serve or work with Ugandan communities; as a part of the small microfinance institution Community Microfinance (CML) or by helping out with some of the many other projects that CML is involved in.

Computer science internship

Are you interested in taking being part of the technological revolution that is right now going on in developing countries? Can you see how the flood of cheap Chinese smartphones that is currently sweeping over Africa can have a great impact in poverty reduction? Do you have a background in IT/computer science? Please continue reading.

We are looking for someone to help CML digitalise its process for micro lending. This includes integrating different systems to a digital platform for loan management as well as designing a prototype for how the simple book keeping that CMLs clients now do with pen and paper can be digitalised. The internship also includes developing a strategy for how CML should encourage the use of IT to its clients. You will also help our local programmers improve on our websites.

Your will work under these conditions:

-         A slow, unreliable and in relation to average income levels, expensive internet

-         More or less regular power outages

-         Computers of models you thought could only be found in museums

-         Software installed through burned CD’s of which approximately half are nonworking

-         Colleagues whose IT education is as modern as the computers

-         Other colleagues and clients with an Internet experience similar to an average grandmother

Still interested? Then you are definitely the right person!

The aim with this internship is to find a strategy for maximizing the effects of the very limited resources and to create a long-lasting effect. Hence, education of local staff is an important ingredient in your daily work. That also means you have to commit for a longer period for this internship even though much work can be done remotely.

We are also interested in partnering with someone who want to help us creating an app for simple book keeping. The aim is to increase the use of book keeping among small scale entrepreneurs in developing countries. In addition to having a positive impact on the small businesses, the app will enable collection of economic data from a group which income levels and spending patterns we know little about. This data can be used for tax collection, credit assessment and evaluation of different projects why we believe it has a commercial potential. If you are interested in this, email

Who can apply?

This internship is for people with an IT background and an interest in developing countries. An entrepreneurial spirit is necessary as well as social and pedagogical skills.

English is the official language in Uganda and you need to be able to use it at a professional level. It is also necessary that you are able to adapt to a different culture and a sometimes much simpler life style than you are used to. This internship program will show you the real Uganda and that involves things such as power outbreaks, cold showers and things taking very much longer time than expected. On the other hand, you will get a unique and memorable experience and new perspectives of life.

Terms and conditions

  • The length of the internship and the number of working hours will be adjusted to your needs. A minimum of eight weeks is required of which four has to be on site, the rest of the internship can be done remotely.
  • The internship is unpaid and you are responsible for covering all costs associated with living in and travel to Uganda. MFV will help you arrange accommodation in either a host family or at a guest house and will also assist with visas and other practical aspects.
  • After the internship, we will provide you with a letter of recommendation.
  • If the internship is part of your coursework, we will make sure that you fulfill the requirements of your university for getting academic credit.
  • You will work on weekdays during normal school hours. However, we encourage you to travel while in Uganda and schedules are flexible.

How To Apply

Apply by send an email to where you present yourself and tell us what you are interested in working with.