Project Manager - Planning & Facilitation of Zero Waste System for “SWASHVillage”

Academic Credits


Hours per week

40 hours per week




Main Road, Harike


Desired Start Date: As soon as possible; Duration: 3-9 months

EduCARE India is providing opportunity for “Project Manager(s)-Planning & Facilitation of Zero Waste System as part of SWASH Village’’ in the locality of Harike, Punjab, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh India. As part of the organization’s SWASH Village program a waste management system is planned that includes waste collection from all stakeholders (incl. households, hotels, restaurants, grocery shops, non-grocery shops & food stands) a waste collection and storage facility as well as a waste processing facility. The ultimate goal is for the locality to be a ‘Zero Waste’ village in which all waste is recycled and reused and no waste reaches the landfill. To ensure sound implementation the system will be accompanied by awareness raising and educational measures.

Under the ultimate aim of ‘Zero Waste’ of the SWASH Village programme the project manager will be responsible for the planning and facilitation of the introduction of a zero waste system. S/he will undertake some or all of the following tasks/responsibilities:

-Conduct workshops on new waste management system with all stakeholders in village, i.e. households, hotels, restaurants, food stands, grocery shops, non-grocery shops and local school incl. on environmental & health impacts of adverse waste practices- e.g. on Personal Health, Animals, Plants, Ground Water, Global Warming; Also provide education on how to improve one’s own waste practices through “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” under overarching goal of zero waste

-Design & distribute user manuals for all stakeholders accompanying smooth introduction of the zero waste system;

-Provide any necessary training to the diverse range of stakeholders

-Design, construct and put up signs warning against the dangers of burning & littering throughout the village incl. concisely explaining the effects mentioned in workshops

-Plan and carry out Community Cleanup involving a diverse range of stakeholders while incorporating an educational component

-Continuously keep rapport through interpersonal communication with all stakeholders in community and if necessary make improvements to the zero waste system design.

-In collaboration with local municipal government and local resource manager recruit one to two waste collectors and provide training on waste collection.


-Flexibility and self-motivation.

-Ability to work both on your own and as part of an international team.

-Ability to multitask and organize your work under minimal supervision and limited resources.

-Strong communications skills.

-Interest and motivation to collaborate with community and team members.

-Creative, open minded and positive manner facing challenges and unexpected events.


-Learn how to plan, research, manage, empower, and work individually and alongside a team

-Develop a deep understanding of challenges faced by developing countries like India as well as what is making it succeed

-Gain cross-cultural fieldwork experience in a multi-cultural team

-Develop project management and leadership skills

-Gain on ground exposure to the operation of a grassroots development NGO

-Gain a first hand perspective with a developing self-sustainable social enterprise model NGO

-Develop new global perspectives and connections within the development sector abroad

-Affordable internship with free accommodation, office with internet facilities and coverage of all work-related expenses.

How To Apply

To apply please fill in the application form on and send your CV and cover letter to -CC: We would be delighted to receive your application.