Global Health Policy Intern - remote, multiple locations

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Fund for Global Health works on advocacy for cost-effective global health solutions with the greatest potential to prevent death and disability. We advocate with the U.S. Congress and the World Bank, the biggest funders of international development assistance, working together with like-minded organizations. We are seeking policy and advocacy interns who are constituents of U.S. Representatives or Senators on the State and Foreign Operations Subcommittees of Appropriations, as well as in Washington, DC and Seattle.

According to the World Health Organization, 400 million people lack access to basic health care. 1.6 million people died of tuberculosis in 2017, now the biggest infectious disease killer of adults. These and other global health problems are being addressed by U.S. foreign assistance, but more needs to be done.  This is an excellent opportunity to address major global health challenges and learn effective advocacy and policy skills.  

Job Description:

-Research, analyze and draft formal global health language consistent with the FFGH mission

-Write and think about global health policy for different audiences: both Congressional and the general public

-Educate the public on why our policy goals will lead to effective global health interventions

-Advocate for this policy by contacting Congressional appropriators

-Collaborate with a team to develop and advocate for our proposed policies

Learning outcomes:

-Experience analyzing and writing effective policy for Congressional and general audiences

-Understanding how policy leads to effective global health action

-Detailed knowledge of the Congressional appropriations process and how to influence it.

-Experience with lobbying actions such as writing letters, talking with Congressional staff, and meeting a Member of Congress


-Reliability; promptness in responding to communications

-Excellent written and verbal communications skills

-Interest in global health, policy, and/or the appropriations process

-Helpful: experience in scholarly research, advocacy and outreach

Preference given to those who are constituents of a U.S. Representatives or Senators on the State and Foreign Operations Subcommittees of Appropriations, who decide on funding for U.S. global health programs.


Interns make a minimum 4-month commitment to a program of weekly communication and action, trained and supported by one of our coordinators. All activities can be conducted remotely.

How To Apply

Please submit the following via email to Keith Johnson, Director of Advocacy, at

-      Resume or CV

-      1 or 2-page writing sample

-      Single paragraph describing why you are interested in this position

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