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Eco-building Design and Construction Project Internship


Eco-Building initiative focuses on building structures and products from natural and recycled materials through a variety of grass-roots level projects.

Our goal in creating this program is to promote systemic social changes towards sustainable human habitats and to encourage loving personal growth, free artistic expression, caring relationships, deep environmental awareness, and celebration of cultural and individual differences. We hope to inspire people to work for something greater than themselves.Reinventing their traditional eco-building designs.

The more immediate goals are;

- To design and make small economical ecostructures with the use of bamboos, old wood, disused materials, ropes, mud, thatch etc; in rural settings in India based on improved local traditional design systems - help catalyze the creation of small eco-building/eco-structures among the rural community members - To move students from understanding and concept development to practice with hands-on, experiential learning in the rural environment in India


The Project Manager is required to be able to work alone or in groups to innovate and manage one or more projects, with the support of Assistant Project Managers where applicable. They work closely with the Project Coordinator / the Project Director to implement on-ground projects and manage them daily, monitor and evaluate these projects and their resource needs on a weekly and monthly basis, and update project manuals and documentation to ensure clear communication and continuity.

There is a large amount of flexibility in our organization and we believe that creative and new approaches to problems are needed to cause a real and sustainable impact, thus the Project Manager is encouraged to innovate new projects where they see a need and have an idea for a solution. Additionally, the Project Manager should reach out to their community and create/maintain communication and collaboration for the education and empowerment of the local community.


· Manage their defined projects, working as a team with other PM's and programs

· Monitor, evaluate and report on the project activities to the Program Coordinator

· Create and update documentation and research regularly

· Create long term, medium term and short term plans with the support of the Program Coordinator

· Attend cluster meetings and assist on other projects where needed

· Create blog posts related to their projects and experiences monthly

· Update or create a project manuals at the end of internship


A graduate from an environmental or building designs, architecture or engineering related field would be ideal. Self-initiative and flexibility are key to a successful internship with EduCARE India. Other essential skills are an ability to work as a part of team, leadership skills, good interpersonal and communication skills, patience to deal with the constraints of working and living in rural India, independence and a positive attitude.


  • Free / Incentivised Housingwith a n a cross-cultural volunteer intern house / local family homestay
  • Pre-arrival orientation and post-arrival induction training
  • Internet facility and mobile sim card
  • A unique opportunity for interns to live and serve in a distinctive rural Indian village in the Himalayas / plains / desert /or coastal areas
  • Opportunity to gain real world work experience and learning in the field of organic farming, environmental health and nature conservation.

How To Apply

Read through more details on our website -

and send your resume and motivation letter through an email to -