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Mae Hong Son


Conserve Natural Forests (CNF) is an internationally recognized non-governmental organization operating out of Pai [Mae Hong Song] , and Turatao National Park [Satun], Thailand that is dedicated to reforestation, conservation of critically endangered species, and ecotourism. We envision a planet where education can generate awareness and passion for engaging in environmental conservation, so that biodiversity can be preserved.

CNF owns a beautiful 80,000 square meter river-side conservation site in Pai that currently has an organic farm and houses an Endangered Species Reproduction Center, which will assist in wildlife conservation efforts by helping to repopulate the forests, monitor keystone species, and shelter animals from abuse. The organization's reserve is already home to a variety of lizards, birds, tortoises and elephants that are cared for by staff and interns. This plot of land is open to tourists in Pai, allowing them to learn about our sustainable activities and provide an alternative and ethical opportunity for experiencing Thai wildlife.

In Turatao National Park, the Satun provincial government has given CNF permission to set up a hatchery and other sea turtle monitoring operations in islands comprising the National Park, which are strictly off-limits to tourists. As few as six years ago the sea turtles were plentiful in the region. However, overfishing and pollution have caused a drastic decline in their population. Our hope is that within a few years, Conserve Natural Forests will be able to repopulate the sea turtle population. With the help of the Royal Thai Navy, Army, Forest Department, Police, and local fishermen, we will set up areas to protect the turtles during mating, egg laying, and hatching, thus assuring their sustainable livelihoods.

Internship Description

Conserve Natural Forests is situated in the mountains of Northern Thailand, amidst a mixed Deciduous forest that is one of the most commercially valuable in Thailand. As a result, deforestation, environmental degradation, and species extinction due to loss of habitat is occurring at a rapid rate. Conserve Natural Forests is the perfect base for you to conduct your individual or group research projects in the biological and earth sciences. We are also happy to cater to faculty led groups – please contact us to discuss the opportunities.

Recent Undergraduate and Graduate Thesis Research:

A wholistic approach of the factors contributing to the decline of the Asian Elephant in Thailand- Maddy Zimmerman, Yale University 2017

A study on intervention activities of external agents in forest dependent communities and their effects n livelihoods and the state of forests in Northern Thailand- Lenore Sturm, Universiteit Utrecht 2017

Recent Intern Research Projects:

Learning and implementing the Framework Species Method to encourage reforestation on garlic and soy bean fields, Wesley Snell 2017

Exploring the Thai and Karen people’s relationship to their land while examining the feasibility of sustainable development in a globalized economy, Casey Trautwein 2017

How To Apply

If a qualified candidate is interested in participating, please send a CV and cover letter to