Game Changer Intensive Internship

Hours per week

10-40 hours per week



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PO Box 29191
Presidio Bldg #1009
San Francisco
United States


Pachamama Alliance is seeking a bilingual intern to support the Game Changer Intensive, an 8-week online journey that inspires and equips people from around the world to become game-changing leaders. Through carefully-curated resources—videos, readings, and activities— participants explore course content and interact with others in stimulating online discussions and live group discussions. At the end of the course, participants are invited to engage with grassroots movements that strike at the root causes of the great challenges of our time.

In this role, you will gain experience in the field of online transformational education and will directly support the growth of this program in Ibero-America. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work at a unique, mission-driven non-profit that is partnered with indigenous people of the Amazon to protect the rainforest, while also working toward an environmentally sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling future for all.

The position requires fluency in English and Spanish, and proficiency in basic website maintenance and design. You will be working closely with the Game Changer Intensive team and Spanish speaking members of our community; good interpersonal skills are a must.

Key responsibilities:

●     Working collaboratively with key community members to add and maintain Spanish materials on course website.

●     Answering technical support and content-related emails from Spanish speaking participants

●     Tracking participant engagement levels and reporting program metrics

●     Supporting course specific activities and processes

●     Working with the Game Changer Intensive team to identify and implement new strategies for bringing this work to Spanish speaking communities.


●     At least 10, and up to 40 hours per week for a minimum of three months

●     Option to work remotely after a training period in our office in the Presidio of San Francisco, CA.

●     This is an unpaid internship, with transportation stipends for qualified commutes and a PresidiGo pass provided if needed.

●     Possible stipend available dependent on experience and length of commitment

What’s in it for you

●     You will be at the forefront of bringing this work to new places in the world.

●     Your work will directly support course participants’ in their journey to action to bring forth a thriving , just and sustainable world for all.

●     You will learn to manage our online learning platform (Moodle) and will have ample opportunities to hone your skills in basic web design and asset management.

●     You get to work in a national park! Our office is located in the beautiful Presidio of San Francisco, CA.

●     Your work environment will be fun, creative and filled with great people!

●     Possible stipend available dependent on experience and length of commitment; transportation stipends for qualified commutes and a PresidiGo pass provided if needed.

How To Apply

About Pachamama Alliance

Visit our website at to learn more about our work before you complete your application. Pachamama Alliance partners with the indigenous Achuar of the Ecuador Amazon to preserve their land and culture from the threat of development and resource extraction. Our ultimate vision is to secure permanent protection for the headwaters of the Amazon. Using insights gained from this work, we deliver workshops around the world designed to inspire and educate individuals everywhere. Through this work we aim to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet.

Please download and complete our Internship Application form or email Lindsay Dyson to request a form. We require an Internship Application form to be submitted along with your resume and a cover letter. In your cover letter, let us know why you are drawn to Pachamama Alliance; what you would like us to know about you and how you might see value for yourself as an intern here. Please submit these documents by email. Start date will be at your earliest availability, so please let us know details of dates, days, and times you will be able to be at the job. We welcome diversity! Call Lindsay Dyson at 415-561-4522 ext. 101 if you have any questions prior to submitting the application via email mail You will be contacted to arrange for an on-site interview after we have received your application and documents. Out of area candidates will be interviewed via skype.