For All In Service Corps




$799 for every 4 weeks of completed hourly service

Hours per week

32 hours/week



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United States


For All is a Seattle based nonprofit organization that works to reduce societal waste by sharing resources and promoting positive activity for all. In Service Corps members dedicate their time to be in service to the community and are monetarily compensated through a stipend. Corps members will assist in leading and coordinating operation and administrative tasks of For All programs including Free Summer Meals for Kids, For All Meal Service, Grocery Rescue and Distribution, For All Vending, Free Burrito Project.

Duties can include

-Assist in free Summer Meals for Kids site operations including set up, meal preparation, meal service,

activities, promotion, record keeping, and clean up.

-Create fliers and other promotional materials and conduct public outreach to promote programs.

-Recruit, coordinate, oversee and delegate tasks to volunteers. 

-Maintain and report records requested.

-Assist in meal preparation, food order preparation, meal service and other kitchen/warehouse operational tasks

and maintenance.

-Assist in food pickups, sorting, storing and receiving. Assist in delivery of food donations, food orders, vending

orders, and prepared meals in commercial vehicle and/or personal vehicle.

-Positively promote For All with the intention to recruit and expand volunteer and donor base.


-Must be willing and able to pass a national background check.

-Must have an enthusiasm for being outside and interacting with kids and teens.

-Must be able to lift and bend consistently during shifts without physical problems.

-Be willing to obtain a King County food handlers permit and Independent Contractor permit.

-Must work in compliance with all King County health codes and requirements.

-Driving confidence, valid driver’s license, and clean driving record is valued.

-Willingness to use personal vehicle for program operations is a big plus, but not necessary.

-Superior sense of cleanliness & food safety in kitchen/warehouse operations and meal preparation

-Strong verbal and written communication skills.

-Ability to consistently be on time. Flexible schedule and personality a big plus.

-Enthusiasm for environmentally sustainable practices and overall positive attitude.


Multiple positions available.

Work locations vary, we generally conduct operations in Central and South Seattle.

This position is 32 hours/week, 4-5 days/week. Minimum 4 hr/day shifts. Maximum 10 hr/ days shifts. Actual scheduling of hours is flexible based on individual availability and area of interest.

Of the 32 hours, 6 hours are for general allowance of travel*, meetings, and planning.

*First 15 minutes of each trip may be deducted from weekly hours when using public transit.

How To Apply

To apply please send a letter of interest telling us about yourself, what interests you about this position, any limitations you have including availability, and what area of Seattle you commute from. You may include a resume if available.