Renewable Energy R&D-project

Academic Credits


Hours per week

9 months



Application Deadline


Start Date


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Monte Sinaí
Colonia Vista Hermosa
Santiago de Querétaro


LiCore is developing new technologies to bring forward the transition to Renewable Energy generation in Mexico and boost Economic Development in the country.

We do this by researching new technologies and getting involved in renewable energy projects.

We are looking for people to support our move by doing R&D projects into the next topics:

-      Virtual Power Plants

-      Blockchain innovative solutions for sustainable development

-      Energy Management Systems

-      Solar inverters

These projects will be done with a view to finding out what kind of business models we should be pursuing in order to be able to bring the digital transformation to renewable electricity to Mexico as quickly and successfully as possible.


Major Elements

  • Research into power electronic converters for solar inverters
  • Research into energy management systems for virtual power plants
  • Research into successful renewable energy business models across the world
  • Research into other successful business models which might be applied to energy projects
  • Weighing up of the pros and cons of these different models
  • Creative thinking as to what we should pursue and why
  • Research into how the Mexican energy regulatory regime works and how companies' financial operations and other activities fit into this
  • Integration of the above learning into the ideas on business models

Basic Details

  • You will be working at our offices in the tranquil, historic, yet very contemporary.... city of Querétaro, México
  • For 9-12 Months working a full time week

Required Skills

  • An interest in R&D Renewable Energy, Business, Economics and/or Development
  • Good research skills
  • Clear communication skills
  • A good grasp of Spanish
  • A willingness to work hard with us for 9-12 months

Useful but not Essential

  • A passion for Renewable Energy, Environmental Change and Economic Development
  • Knowledge, experience or a particular interest in power electronics, blockchain, business models, regulatory frameworks, finance or the law

Please note we have other internships available for people with different interests within the Renewable Energy and Economic Development fields.

How To Apply

Send your CV in PDF format.