Mentorship Intern: Works remotely

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Hours per week

minimum 4 hours per week



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Woodland Hills
United States


 Where: USA - works Remotely

The basis of our Get Help App (GHAPP) is to reduce recidivism by providing ex-offenders with our app. Using this app, our program participants can connect directly to our mentors fielding calls from their remote locations as well as accessing our referral resource database.


Mentorship Interns are experienced advisers and supporters; individuals, experienced in areas relevant to the individuals they are working with, who advises and guides a younger or less experienced person.

A mentor (or adviser, counselor, guide, tutor, teacher, guru) is defined as a knowledgeable person who holds vast experience and perspective in a particular area who is open to sharing his or her life experiences in order to advance the personal and professional growth of another person.


Our Mentors are:

  • Interested in helping others succeed. They have a genuine interest in other people’s lives and experience pleasure when helping others reach their goals.
  • Caring. They are empathetic, open, reliable and honest with others.
  • Willing to spend time. They reach out and share their life experiences to help others with their life journey.
  • Open to educate. They are able to pass on their knowledge, insights and expertise clearly, encouragingly and helpfully.
  • Patient. They offer help in finding life direction, never pushing.
  • Trustworthy. They are dependable people who understand the importance of keeping information shared strictly confidential.
  • Practical. They assist in setting goals, objectives and timeframes.
  • An active listener. They are listeners who are able to reflect back the relevant issues while minimizing their own personal assumptions and prejudices.
  • Inspirational. They aspire to excellence and encourage personal excellence in others.
  • Able to give advice. Mentors advise without explicitly dictating actions, allowing mentee to find his/he way.
  • Sensitive to people's feelings. They are able to provide constructive criticism as well as compliments.
  • Successful and admired. They are well respected in their organizations and in the community.



  • Attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Able to multi-task
  • Interest and passion for the program
  • An outgoing personality

While not required, being able to speak a second language, having experience in the fields of counseling, psychology, or applicable life experience to help better understand (and therefore handle our participants' needs) are a plus.


All Mentors MUST participate in a two-hour live training webinar and pass an on-line exam before mentorship can begin.


Training is mandatory

How To Apply

Please submit the on-line application