ART activism with Global Leaders



Hours per week

3 months



Start Date


End Date



United States


Rise of the Butterfly is a nonprofit created by Layla Love -guided by her mentor Gloria Steinem- that aims to create awareness on human trafficking through art and raises funds to help survivors reintegrate back to life.

As a member of the Rise of The Butterfly, you will have the opportunity of working directly with Layla, enjoy flexible hours, and earn a commission for any art you help sell. Due to the nature of the show, you will also have the opportunity of working with celebrities and philanthropists.

Your main responsibilities will be:

1) Organize: Helping Layla keep track of her schedule, invitations, art.

2) Communication: making sure all the parties involved in her art are up to date and in the same channel.

3) PR: Staying in touch with people interested in the art and galleries interested in having our art in their spaces.

4) Art promoter: You will receive a commission for every piece of art you help sell.

5) Website: Keeping it fresh and updated.

6) Newsletter: To make sure our databases are kept to date with our activities and art.

7) Being Layla's eyes, ears and right hand.

8) Spread the message of love and change!

Additional Qualities valued:

  • Being opened minded.
  • Creativity.
  • Pro-activity.
  • Knowledge of the art world.
  • PR personality.
  • Strong organizational/time management skills
  • Graphic Design are a plus
  • Social Media savvy.
  • Basic web design skills.

How To Apply

Layla will be more than happy to extend letters of recommendation to help in your personal path.