International Development Internship (Remote / in South Africa)



Hours per week

Please anticipate to spend at least 20 hours/ week during Phase 1 and 3 (Phase 2 is full time)




Box 802
South Africa


Looking for a cause to believe in? Want to know what makes us, us? The Imagine Scholar community is built around a shared purpose, what we like to call our 'WHY'. Established by the students and staff of the program, we commit and aim to:


Awaken the confidence to step outside our comfort zones

Cultivate the extraordinary in ourselves

Develop the courage to do the right thing

Be empowered to inspire our community and the world


Sound like something you could get behind? Then consider joining our inspiring team and community in rural South Africa as our new International Development Intern!


What kind of team member would thrive with our organization?


-    Do you want to help inspired youth find out what it means to be extraordinary?

-    Are you committed to continually learning and developing on a personal and professional level?

-    Do you enjoy working independently and creating your own schedule?

-    Are you interested in gaining a wide variety of skills in the nonprofit and fundraising worlds?

-    Are you willing to work hard for an inspiring cause?


If you have said yes to all of the above, then, we're interested in meeting you! We firmly believe that those who share our 'why' and approach towards life will be a positive advocate for our program Want to know more about our work, students, and educational program? Check out our website for more info:




The International Development Internship is done in three phases.


PHASE 1: Fundraising and Awareness Campaign! (Can be done anywhere in the world!)


What You’ll Do: Work with our team to develop and implement a fundraising campaign in your local area. By identifying your key networks, you will organize a variety of events to build excitement about and funds for Imagine Scholar.


Timeline: 3+ months


PHASE 2: Work On-Site at Imagine Scholar South Africa!


What You’ll Do: Build meaningful relationships with our students through joining class sessions, facilitating your own workshops, and engaging outside of class. Bring your passions, interests, and skill sets for a fulfilling experience.


Timeline: 2-4 weeks


PHASE 3: Share your story!


What You’ll Do: After crafting your own Imagine Scholar narrative during the first 2 phases of the internship, you’ll go home and share! There is creative liberty with this phase of the internship as there are many ways to continue building your relationship with us as an organization and the students!


Timeline: 1-3 months



-    Phase 1 & 3 are volunteer, during phase 2 interns will receive a 500 rand/month stipend ($50). While living on-site for phase 2, all living expenses (housing, food, internet) is covered by Imagine Scholar

-    Round trip ground transportation (not airfare) will be arranged and covered by Imagine Scholar.

-    Team members will be responsible for their round-trip airfare, extra off-site activities should they wish to partake in, 'eating out,' and any visas (would be required if you stayed more than 90 days) or shots that may be required/or that you wish to get.

-    Imagine Scholar offers flight credit reimbursement for fundraising for the organization.


Fundraising Incentive Structure:


Raise $2000 - $2999 = flight reimbursement credit (up to $250 credit)


Raise $3000-$4999 = flight reimbursement credit (up to $500 credit)


Raise $5000+ = flight reimbursement credit (up to $1000 credit)




-    This unique internship opportunity allows you to gain a wide variety of skills incredibly useful in the non-profit world. The Imagine Scholar community is built of both youth and adults looking to constantly learn and grow. Being part of our team means getting to be a student again and learning many new skills amongst a group of innovative, young leaders. 




Please send your resume or CV and a brief personal statement as to why you're interested in this opportunity to


Imagine Scholar offers an innovative and free-form work environment that gels well with self-starting creative thinkers. The internship offers plenty of room for you to pursue your special interests, take ownership of projects, and to leverage your position with Imagine Scholar for personal and professional development opportunities such as conferences and networking events.

How To Apply

Please send your resume or CV, along with a brief personal statement outlining your motivation to join our team and relevant experience to Caitlin Graaf at

If we are interested in learning more about you as an applicant, we will contact you via e-mail to set up a Skype interview. Please expect to conduct 2 interviews before our team makes a final decision.