Global Health Internship: Clinical Rotation

Hours per week

Between 24 and 30 hours a week




Harare Province


There is a unique opportunity to complete your fourth year medical rotation in Zimbabwe. This is a once in a lifetime chance to explore medical facilities, institutions and patients that have unique illnesses that you will only encounter in Africa. The opportunity is open only to current medical students who need clinical rotations in order to graduate. you will also get a chance of working along side healthcare professionals in a different country as well as learning the cultural constraints of practicing medicine in Zimbabwe. You are guaranteed to have the best experience than all of your classmates.


  • Involvement in both public and private medical facilities
  • Experience city and rural medical healthcare
  • Learn the reality of medical healthcare in Zimbabwe and how different or similar it is to your own
  • Boost your resume with a unique adventure off the beaten track

How To Apply

Applications are on-going, and you are welcome to apply throughout the year!