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5 hours per week



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Santa Fe
New Mexico
United States


The Search Ad intern will manage a Google Adwords account, including a) writing ad compelling ad copy, b) managing keywords, and c) ensuring the minimum CTR needed to maintain our Google Ad Grant. Must be versed in negative keywords (so ads don't compete with each other), and dynamic keywords. Will manage multiple campaigns, be responsive to the team by checking our organizational Slack communication tool daily during weekdays, process suggestions for ad copy from the team–filtering for what is practical and compelling, and will meet monthly with the Marketing Director to optimize ad strategy.

We're looking for an engagement of at least 5-months (longer is possible) wherein you will learn from a) applying an overall marketing strategy with multiple CTAs to a search ad environment and b) collaborating in a highly interactive project-based environment, while c) garnering valuable, documented experience with a major non-profit.

Work is remote, so your location isn't relevant. We have a presence in both New York City and Santa Fe, NM. Keep your own hours, but be responsive, highly communicative, and collaborative.

Estimated involvement is 5 hours per week.

Apply to ATTN: Ed Payton

How To Apply

Please note in your subject line: AD INTERN POSITION (ATTN: ED PAYTON). Please attach a resume and cover letter noting your relevant schooling and/or experience.