Tour & Event Coordinator Intern


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99/1 M.5


Organization description

Conserve Natural Forests (CNF) is a non-profit organisation operating out of Pai, Thailand that is dedicated to conservation, ecotourism, and wildlife protection, particularly for the Asian elephant. CNF envisions a planet where education can generate awareness and passion for engaging in environmental conservation, so that biodiversity can be preserved and endangered species may roam natural forests freely.

CNF owns a beautiful 49,000 square meter river-side reserve that currently has an organic farm and houses an Endangered Species Reproduction Center, which will assist in wildlife conservation efforts by helping to repopulate the forests, monitor keystone species, and shelter animals from abuse. The organization's reserve is already home to a variety of lizards, birds, tortoises and two pregnant elephants which are cared for by staff and interns. This plot of land is open to tourists in Pai, allowing them to learn about our sustainable activities and provide an alternative and ethical opportunity for experiencing Thai wildlife.

Tourists will be offered a fun day full of ecofriendly activities that includes viewing our elephants, learning about reforestation, sustainable agriculture, different plants and animal species, and our work saving elephants from abusive elephant camps.

Internship description

CNF is looking for an enthusiastic Tour & Event Coordinator who is able to give engaging tours around our land, organize fundraising events, and initiate and implement new ideas for promoting our eco-tourism efforts. This intern will work closely with staff and other interns to develop, plan, and monitor the tours and events in order to make our land a popular ecofriendly attraction in Pai.

Duties will include:

  • Giving tours around the land on a regular basis.
  • Developing and implementing new ideas for improving the tour program.
  • Planning, organizing and executing tourism and fundraising events.
  • Working together with marketing & media intern to coordinate publicity for tours and events.
  • Communicating with relevant stakeholders in order to ensure tours and events are well-organised and running smoothly.


  • Educational background in event- or leisure management, tourism, or other relevant field.
  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude.
  • Great organisation and planning skills
  • Excellent communication and social skills.
  • Experience giving tours is a plus.
  • Affinity for environmental conservation.

Fee includes: Housing/Transportation/Meals

How To Apply

Interested candidates are requested to submit CV and cover letter indicating why they are suitable for this position to: