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Healthy Relationships Breakout Worldwide!

Sound like the impossible dream? Perhaps it's not too far off. Do you have a burning desire to be a part of social change? If so, read on and find out how the Trauma-Informed Schools approach and an extraordinary communication skill set called Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can transform any school's culture. A paradigm shift is long overdue.

We ask this important question:

We spend 12 years in school preparing for a career.

How much time do we spend preparing for a relationship?

Any relationship?

Have you been asking this question along with the rest of the population? With the increase in gun violence, youth suicides, bullying, sexual harassment and assault, substance abuse, self-harm, etc. at schools and colleges, offering Relationship Education that focuses on respectful communication is ever more necessary.

The Relationship Foundation is seeking interns for research, writing, curriculum development, social media, and grant research. Interns are needed now as well as into the fall and winter. This is an unpaid internship, but that could soon change as we are submitting contracts to return to several NYC schools.

If you are a college student, graduate, or even if you've been out in the world a while, this internship will give you a sense of purpose, and you will learn relationship skills in ways you may not have imagined before.

Here is what we do and who we are:

The Relationship Foundation (TRF), a 501(c)3 non-profit, has been teaching its "Healthy Relationships 101" program in high schools in New York City and in cities in several other states for nine years. We instruct students and teachers on how to sustain healthy, thriving, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships with everyone in their lives.

One of the most effective things we do is support students and teachers to articulate their needs and feelings without blame and judgment and to listen empathically; everything we wish we had learned growing up. Given how disconnected (or over-connected) our society is today, learning this work can make all the difference both in and out of school.

The communication skill set we teach is based on Marshall Rosenberg's "Nonviolent Communication (NVC)," and the results from this approach have been extraordinary. See our website for details. Equally as important is introducing the Trauma-Informed Schools approach to help schools' staff to understand that so called problem students are actually kids with toxic stress in their brain chemistry due to abuse, neglect, and unstable home lives (or homeless lives). Understanding this changes how kids are treated and the positive outcomes are phenomenal. The new approach to a disruptive student is not what's wrong with you, but what's going on with you? Check out Oprah's recent endorsement of this work on a 60 Minutes story and a CBS morning show. Google Oprah trauma-informed Youtube.

We have a book, a curriculum for schools and a guidebook for organizations that are available on our website. Our guidebook for facilitators is being used by women's organizations nationwide and has been requested by other social service organizations, domestic violence prevention groups, mental health clinics, prison counselors, and therapists.

We write for the Huffington Post, and we have a collaboration in development with Scholastic to get our work out to schools nationwide.

Candidates will be selected for the skills they bring to the organization and their commitment to the organization's mission. A motivated self-starter with a keen sense of organization is a must.

Excellent typing and computer skills are also required. Preference will be given to interns who can start before the fall school year.

As an intern, you will learn the history of the project, gain new insights, and help to focus opportunities to maximize their potential.

The office atmosphere is casual and informal as we work out of a clean and comfortable 900 sq. ft. apartment in the East Village. There are four workstations and generally, two to four other interns are working on the project..

This is an extraordinary opportunity for someone who dreams big, wants to join a non-profit on the brink of wider recognition, and desires to make a difference in the world. We're technically a start-up, but we are closing in on grants and a deal with Scholastic so the internship could lead to a paid position. Course credit can be given.

Thank you!

Michael Jascz, Executive Director

The Relationship Foundation

How To Apply

Submit a cover letter and resume to, and state what area(s) you are most interested in.

Please review our website to make sure this is the right fit for you. Watch some of the short videos and listen to a radio interview on the home page for added insight into the essentials of the work we are advocating.

Put something catchy in the subject line so we know you read the post to the end.