Poverty Stoplight Internships in Paraguay




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The Poverty Stoplight is a social innovation tool that seeks to activate the potential of families and communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Based on a technological platform, the Poverty Stoplight offers a self-evaluating survey for families to assess their level of poverty and carry out personalized strategies to overcome their specific

needs. We work with international organizations from different sectors and bring together a network of powerful actors with one clear mission: eliminate poverty worldwide.

Our internship program offers the opportunity to work on real projects and gainexperience collaborating in a multicultural environment. Interns are expected to work ondeliverables for different areas within the Poverty Stoplight; due to this, innovative ideas and value creation are highly involved in the process. Interns can become pioneers in projects that can change the lives of thousands of people.

We have a wide range of different internships and activities depending on which area the interns are interested. Additionally, we offer the option to do original research upon approval of the Poverty Stoplight board. This year, we have decided to open internships for the following areas:

Poverty Stoplight for Business:

People from this area work directly with Paraguayan businesses to carry out activities focused on poverty elimination among employees. We have worked with more than 90 Paraguayan businesses so far. One crucial deliverable of this internship is the creation of the Poverty Stoplight’s Bank of Solutions. We gather information on how businesses

eliminate poverty among their employees and we work on different ways to share this valuable knowledge across all members of the Poverty Stoplight network.

Poverty Stoplight Community:

This area seeks to bring together different internal and external actors of the Poverty Stoplight program. From implementers to academia, we work to coordinate everyone’s effort in poverty elimination. An important deliverable for this internship will be the blueprint for engaging different actors, from media to government and other non-profit

organizations from around the world.

Poverty Stoplight for International Replicas:

This area helps the international organizations who are using the Poverty Stoplight. From the United States to Papua New Guinea, our team works on the adaptation and implementation of this tool. The deliverable for this internship will be a business plan model for the replicas team.

Poverty Stoplight Knowledge Management:

The Poverty Stoplight has grown from working solely with Fundación Parguaya’s clients to working with international organizations from different sectors. We are now gathering a large amount of data through our different efforts on poverty elimination. Seeking to improve our view on what the Poverty Stoplight has become, we are updating our

database and improving the way in which the information is gathered, stored, and shared. One main deliverable for this internship will be the updating of this database.

Poverty Stoplight Technology:

Poverty Stoplight is a powerful tool that finds traction around the whole world very quickly. To scale the usage, we develop our own technology: The PS Platform. We create native apps, web apps and servers. We are in touch with our users and have a UI/UX expert designing and defining the new features. We ship new features several times a month. An important deliverable for this internship will be the documentation that helps users to use our technology to the fullest. And - in case you have skills in the area of Spring/Java or React (Native)/JavaScript - of course the contribution to our technology (which is open source).

Poverty Stoplight Methodology:

Research on the Poverty Stoplight methodology has increased in the past years. Our team will carry out an internal evaluation of the Poverty Stoplight to assess its effectiveness as a poverty elimination tool. The intern will help in the process of data collection and data analysis from microfinance clients from Fundación Paraguaya who use the Poverty Stoplight and the control group who use the Permanent Household Survey that is provided by the local government. Field workers will conduct the surveys.

Poverty Elimination in Cerrito:

The Poverty Stoplight is being applied in the community of Cerrito in northern Paraguay to eliminate poverty in all dimensions. We are looking for interns work closely with the beneficiaries and provide solutions to overcome poverty within all indicators by mentoring families, support to the solutions bank, improve families incomes and savings, health and environment, security, hygiene, housing, waste management, environmental education, health education, plurilingual education, linguistics, youth entrepreneurship, arts, marketing, use of ICTs in schools.

Cerrito Community Handicraft Design Development:

Indigenous artisans produce handicraft in Cerrito weaved from autochthonous natural fibers however are unable to live sustainably from their traditional livelihoods. As part of a participatory process the intern with experience in art and design would work together with the family producers to catalogue and innovate new designs in key with their ancestral identity and improve the processes for production to establish a business blueprint to access new national and international markets to improve revenues to develop handicraft production into a sustainable livelihood.

Roles and Activities

The specific roles and activities will respond to the area in which interns choose to contribute. All internships will be carried out in the headquarters of Fundación Paraguaya and might require travelling to other regions of the country.

It is necessary to have an intermediate knowledge of Spanish for all internships; except for the Poverty Stoplight for Business internship, which requires an advance knowledge of the language.

Intern Profile

Interns should have the following skills:

● English and Spanish: intermediate to advance level

● Computer: excellent knowledge of office software (Office, Google Suite, Social


● Communication: strong interpersonal and communication skills

● Team work: ability to work in a multicultural team and adapt to different


● Problem solving: ability to identify and solve problems

● Leadership: ability to motivate and coordinate people’s efforts

● Writing: ability to write reports, articles, among others.

How To Apply


The applicants must send a completed application form, which can be downloaded from our website, together with their resume and a photocopy of their passport. We will study the applications and schedule Skype calls with candidates considered for the next stage. At the end of the process, the applicants will be informed whether they have been accepted.